Sunday, June 15, 2008

Final countdown

Nearly 2 months ago to the day, I turned the key in my lock on my apartment in Kansas City and have been involved in a whirlwind of recordings, performances, learning-learning-learning, flying, recital-ing, filming, interviewing, gala-ing, photographing, decision-making, autographing, and occasionally indulging in fois gras ever since. To quote a high level friend, it has been one of the "richest" periods of my professional life - and I'm ready for a break! I get one more blessed performance of Romeo this afternoon (where has the time gone?), and then I say goodbye to the lovestruck lad, and fly halfway around the world to find my own! Am I there, yet?

More a bit later, but in the meantime, here is a most unrepresentative glimpse of what I've been doing with my time the past 3 days!



jennmac said...

Thanks for the teaser! :o)

Best of luck today.

Mei said...

Dear Yankeediva, so this is what hard work leads you to... :-P

Yeah, you need a break, go home ASAP... xD

Carlos said...

I came from Barcelona to attend the premiere performance on 24. May and here I am again just coming back from the last one of the run. Joyce, you have been superb, maybe even better than on the premiere. It is amazing how apparently easily you fill the whole opera house with your powerful and beatiful voice.

Today I have got the huge pleasure to meet you at the stage door. Thank you so much for being so lovely and friendly. You were so kind to remember my name from those posts! And thanks also for being so kind asking if I had saw Anna! Thanks for being sooooo lovely!

Have a nice trip back and I hope to see you soon somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Cara Joyce, I'm told you were amazing today too during your last show in Paris this time. Congratulations on this beautiful singing and acting and thank you for this memorable show. Do tell to Matthew too how we all appreciated his beautiful singing that progressively became more and more beautiful & powerful as the show went on. FWIW, I liked very much Joyce DiDonato but now --after this Romeo and the recital at l'Opera Comique -- I'm a fan! :)

Hope you get some deserved rest and take care.

ACB said...

This is my new favorite picture EVAR!!!1!!


Kenderina said...

I think that guy, Romeo, is not making you any good..or maybe it is too much good ? LOL

Glad everything went great in Paris !!

Susan said...

Congratulations on a wonderful run of performances! I'm envious of all the people who got to see it - some of them multiple times!

As for that picture, I keep trying but failing to come up with a clever quip or caption for it. Surely it's not a remake of The Who's "Tommy," so... I'm speechless! It does look like you probably arrived and left via motorcycle though.

Operafan said...

Dear Joyce,

Delirious picture, amazing what opera can lead you too!!
Here I am, one day after the final performance, and the emotion is still vivid... Yesterday was a very special performance for many reasons which would be too long to explain, the whole run definitely the turning point in my "Operafan" life :-))
Joyce, nothing better could happen to all those people who listened to your Roméo these past weeks, it's unforgettable.
I wish you a well-deserved break, take care, we miss you already SO MUCH...

marcillac said...


I got to see the show on the 28th and the 8th and you were absolutely spectacular both times. This was only my second encounter with you (my first being your fantastic Met Rosina). I hope you plan to reprise it at the Met and elsewhere and (though, obviously, you hardly need or would consider repertoire advice from me)I would very much hope to see your Octavian, think that you'll make a great Elvira at Covent Garden and hope that this a role you will return to frequently.

I glad you enjoyed your run in Paris and haver really found your various impressions and expressions of gratitude enormously insightful and amusing.

I hope you enjoy your time home (my Indians are finally ahead of your Royals but, predictably, are having another disapointing season. Things look good for the Browns so we know a 3 and 13 season is in the works. You Chiefs had a great draft - I mean Glenn Dorsey at No.5(!!!) - sorry for the digression).

I trust you'll have fun for the Idomeneo's in Madrid although i suspect you creativity will be sorely taxed to find something to be grateful for in Castille in late July (the heat and suckling pig with Rioja Reserva would seem an infelicitous combination in mid summer and game is out of season - although the sheri should afford some relief) but I'm sure you'll come up with something good.

It would be great if some fotuitous development would allow me to catch you in the Don in London but I will certainly make it to your NYPhil date next year and hopefully many more.

Once again, thanks for the great show!!!


Many apologies for the appaling prolixity but I have I've spent the better part of last week excising houge portions of a private equite agreement and the excess verbiage seems to have found an outlet in this comment.

pepita said...

Yeah ! you look like Fonzy in the Happy Days sitcom !
Or maybe a kind of remake of Grease ...
And that is a glamourous opera singer, and the most beautiful mezzo voice of the moment. Congratulations :DDD

Enjoy your time off !

and thanks one again to share those moments with us.

non_mi_dir said...

rarrrr... feisty!

Sibyl said...

Makes me think of the immortal Preston Sturges line, "Nobody handles Handel like you handle Handel."

Can Bass 1 said...

Yes, and the subject of your sunglasses reminds me that at certain times of year the sunlight streams in through the chancel windows, making shades essential Mattins-wear here.

Anonymous said...

So "I Capuleti e I Montecchi" with Anna and Joyce is on the radio TODAY (7/28) at 19:30 (or 6 hours less for the US in EST). Opera will be available for listening for 24hrs after.

Chhers all & Joyce hope you enjoy being at home ;)

Anonymous said...

GRRRRRR... forgot to drop the link:

and then click on "Soiree lyrique"


Nao said...

oh, my goddess, I just finished to listen to your Romeo broadcast, you are amazing!!!! I wish near future you can record this or simply come to SF to sing for us! Thank you for your great performance!

SarahB said...

I love that you threw in the fois gras almost like a cherry on top! Brava and have a wonderful break!

Yankeediva said...

THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!! I'm very touched by all the comments and thank you taking the time to share them with me.

And by the way "marcillac" - I love excess verbage! Haven't you been reading?