Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to School

Truth be told, I miss being in school just a little bit: in years past, the annual mid-August schlep to the department store to buy new school shoes, pencils, a new notebook (just begging to be scrawled on with things like "Joyce & Eric 4EVR"), and a new stockpile of white anklets to match my school uniform and those shiny new saddle shoes was always an event that signaled a new start bursting with fresh opportunities. Well, the annual shopping trip no longer requires the purchase of protractors or wide-line notebook paper, but I do still garner a small bit of glee purchasing a new highlighter for the coming new scores waiting to be marked up with those telling yellow highlights and red pencil markings! This coming season demands a lot of highlighting, as there is a slew of new music for me to acquaint myself with, and since my calendar has loudly ROARED that my short, quick, fleeting vacation is way behind me, it's time to get back into the groove.

But in a quick salute to days gone by, how about a little "What I did on my summer vacation" pictorial recap? Not too much to write about, other than a blissful first experience in Greece, an incredibly rewarding concert in Pesaro, one awesome event after another from the Olympics, and a full-steam-ahead launch to my first Don Giovanni here in London:

Temple to Zeus

Door to paradise


Corner View

Orthodox Twilight

New Moon in Greece

Rossini's Statue at the Festival Conservatory:

Signor Rossini

Covent Garden performers:

Frog Jump

And finally, my favorite Olympic showing ever. Enjoy:


Melear said...

I love the Paul(a) Hunt clip!! (And the pics are amazing, too, as always!) Can't wait to see you in H-Town soon....

poltergeist said...

I wish you the best for the upcoming season!

I really liked your pictures, they are beautiful.

Looking forward to seeing you in Spain!


Gi said...

For some reason I couldn't watch the clip (I'll try again tomorrow) but the Athens and Santorini photos are great and make me want to jump into a plane and fly back there now.

Welcome back!

Glad to read that the Pesaro performance was a success - not that anyone expected anything less ;-)

Parsifal said...

OMG! You were here??? Mmmm, so I guessed right it would be Greece! Santorini looks as beautiful as it really is in your fotos! But too crowded in August! Did you visit Franco's? the famous bar where they serve the Maria Callas Champagne Cocktail (for 20 euro...)????

Operafan said...

The clip is TOO funny :-)) Your pics just unbeliveable, the Pesaro recital just haunting and waiting until your coming back to Paris in December just unbearable...
All best for your "back to school"!!

Parsifal said...

I will agree on the Pesaro Recital...I wasnt there but the in-house recording I listened to today was great...

Gerald said...

Welcome back Joyce and all the best for this new season, and first of all for Donna Elvira. I can't wait to hear you in this part which is made for you and also see you together on stage with Simon Keenlisyde! And last but not least, THANK YOU so much for the amazingly generous and intense concert in Pesaro (really not to worry at all, Cenerentola was just perfect!).

Susan said...

Welcome back to Real Life and to the blog-o-sphere. I've been going through Yankeediva Withdrawal. Yes, I think that might be an official diagnosis!

Thanks for the gymnastics clip. Somehow I missed it - must have been on in the middle of the night here in New Jersey. ;)

Papagena said...

Welcome back, Joyce!!! We've missed you :-)

What a wonderful vacation you had! I'm glad you enjoyed. By the way, I saw the pictures for your Furore album, and you look GORGEOUS!!!If the inside is as beautiful as the cover I just can't wait!

I will see your Don Giovanni premiere live in a movie theatre here in Madrid. That's the closest I can be from the ROH for the moment, but I'm so happy that at least I can see it... and live!

Besos :-)