Monday, June 29, 2009

For the aspiring ones...

This is a special post to those of you who might be pursuing a wild dream to become a professional musician, to those of you who fancy yourselves supporters of the arts, to those of you who might feel weary and wonder sometimes if it's all worth it or not.

Il Teatro Comunale

Please take a listen to the commencement speech of Robert Levine, the acclaimed concert pianist and scholar, given to the graduating class at the Curtis Institute of Music this past year. It's an urgent charge to champion this thing called classical music that we are all so passionate about and in my most humble opinion, very worth a listen.


Joanamaro said...

I study to become a professional singer, but more than that, I am a musicien, I am an artist. Music is my love, is my life. This video has given me strength to carry on. Thank you!

Sarcastic Soprano said...

Thank you so much for this post! What an incredible speech! It's all I could ever say to anyone who has asked me, "Why do you sing?" or "Why did you choose a career as a musician?" Thanks for the encouraging words!!!