Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Miraculous Universal Language

I don't know that I've ever seen a better demonstration of how primal, universal and contagious music making can be:

That is a feel-good video if ever I saw one!

Yesterday was also a feel good day! I had the extreme luxury of sitting on the side-lines for the final dress rehearsal yesterday of Le Nozze di Figaro here in Chicago, and I can't remember the last time I sat to watch this piece. It never, ever gets old, and it's sheer mastery of fragile emotion and simple humanity only grows more profound for me with time.

As I was leaving the theater I was speaking with Maestro Davis, and we were both glowing about the experience of performing this masterpiece, and commented, "If I were forced to save only one opera for eternity, it would have to be this one." I think I have to agree with him 100%.

For those of you who might be eager to hear our opening "night", it will be broadcast LIVE on the local Chicago Station, WFMT, which you can access via your friendly internet connection! It starts here in Chicago at 2:00, so for you fabulous European dwellers, that's 9:00 pm your time!!! I'll be singing my heart out and hope you'll enjoy the timeless genius of Mozart!!!



Irishrover said...

Gosh, I've seen this video a hundred times, and I always remain speechless. Bobby McFerrin is truly a genius.

Toï toï toï for le Nozze tomorrow, I'll certainly be listening to the radio broadcast! Enjoy the show and Mozart's masterpiece :D

Hope you'll keep us posted about your schedule soon, I've heard about a possible Elvira, and I must say I can't help jumping out of joy if it turns out to be true!

Take care!!!

Alixkovich said...

Ah so you already knew about the broadcast?
Well anyway the radio's time is 1:45 p.m so maybe we'll hear interviews (if there were) for 15 minutes before the beginning :-)

Renato said...

We SURELY will!
(Pity the broadcast won't be one of Leo's nights...)
In groppa al riccio, dear! (Did you know this? No ANna Bolena involved, this time... ;-)

Anette said...

Oh, I will most definitely enjoy it! Wouldn't miss it for the world! :-)

Have fun tomorrow! Ana

Chris said...

Operas for eternity? I would fudge and choose two: Tristan (a musical revolution) and The Magic Flute (perfection).

Mr. Classical Guy said...

The real quaestion is: What was Bill Maher doing there?

His creativity and unique talent (McFerrin not Maher)makes this sort of thing possible. Although on the downside he has pretty much given his career over to 100% improvised music. I saw hin with Jack deJohnette and Chick Corea last year. And then I traveled with him on the "Circle Songs" tour and that sort of thing you can never duplicate a great musical moment. It is like smoke and disappeares.

But he is the only gut who can pull it off successfully.

Wolfgang said...

Congratulations to "Le Nozze"!! I could hear only a part of it on the Net, but you guys seemed to have some real fun with it (and so had I). I will avoid any fateful idioms and wish you just plain good luck for the rest of the shows. Go, Cherubino !!!

gaulimauli said...

A delightful sunday afternoon!How you all get up on a blustery Chicago morn and manage to bring Nozze to life in front of a somewhat stiff audience beats me.It's a physically and mentally demanding opera-it's a wonder that after three hours of hither and yon everybody is still able to sing and stand on their feet. Recognized your voice easily-no doubts about it-ever!More difficult to differentiate between Wilmsy an Nissey, their voices seem so much alike-at least over my webradio. I think the harpsichordist ought to give the audience a chance to applaud, what's his hurry anyway.Thanks to WFMT for allowing us to participate, they seem a nice bunch of people.Have a good run and stay well.

Klassikfan said...

Oh boy, I was silly enough to have missed the transmission! The only excuse is - I was at a concert... Is there anyone who has got a recording of the broadcast? Pleeease. ;-))

Irishrover said...

For those who would have missed the broadcast, here is your chance to catch up:


marcillac said...

You were wonderful, of course, but I must say that really was the most exuberant "Marcellina" I'd ever heard. Cherubino is getting all worked up for "Non so piu" but sheesh. Anyway, it sounded like you got of to a smashing start and we're eagerly looking forward to seeing the thing at the end of the month. We all know you keep in shape so all that marching and mountain climbing shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Klassikfan said...

Irishrover - thank you so much!! Fantastic!

Liz said...

For those, like me, who missed this opening night broadcast, fear not... It will show up among the opera broadcast series that WFMT syndicates to many stations around the country, which will start soon after the Met season ends. So be on the lookout for it in May or June (I would guess)....

Liz (an OperaCast elf...)