Monday, April 5, 2010

Thought for a day

"If you stare at it long enough
the mountain becomes unclimable.

Tally it up. How much time have you spent
waiting for the soup to cool?

Icicles hang from January gutters
only as long as they can.

Fingers pause above piano keys for the chord
that will not form.

Slam them down
I say.
Make music of what you can."

~Charles Rafferty from "Against Hestitation"

That makes me smile.


The Marschallin said...

When words fail,music speaks....

Hope you had a wonderful,and restful, Easter!

Sarah said...

And April is National Poetry Month!!

Samantha said...

Referring back to your previous post...singing under sedation? That's a true opera singer for you! :)

I have a very random question that I hope you will be able to answer. I am preparing an audition for a masters program in Austria this summer. However, due to the date of the audition and the date of my best friend's wedding (which I am singing at), I cannot fly out until 3 days prior to the audition. This gives barely 2 days of jet lag recovery of a 6 hour time difference. How do you manage to not let changing time zones affect your voice when you have engagements so close together that you only have a couple of days to spring back?

Yankeediva said...

Hi, Samantha!

I can imagine that you're a bit freaked out about the time "situation", but what you must do is set your mind that you can do it. That's the first order of business. Then you have to set yourself up to be successful in making that happen. For me, the biggest key is staying hydrated. Yes, water on a plane is good, but I think even something like a big Gatorade can be even more effective. The other thing I do - which is actually contrary to what many people will advise, but in this case, I would fall into my hotel bed and sleep if you're tired. But realize that many people will tell you NOT to do that! However, for me, my philosophy is that if I'm tired, I will sleep. Somehow, with 3-4 hours sleep I can then face the next few days.

One thing I've never tried is to try and start adjusting my sleep schedule before I leave ... that may be crazy, but it's a thought.

Honestly, the most important thing is to psyche yourself up for it and know that you CAN do it (I'm not alone in having had to step off a plane and sing right away - it's hard, but adrenalin will be your friend!)

Mind set.
Mind set.
Mind set!

Good luck!

Samantha said...

Thank you for your helpful tips, Joyce! They are much appreciated! It shall be a very exciting adventure, and I will do my best to sing pretty! :)