Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Anything is possible!!!

I seem to remember, vaguely, taking a vacation recently! Ah, yes - I was in Alaska on the high seas watching ASTONISHING feats and sights such as this that thrilled me to my core; and now that the season is back in full swing, and I have roughly a ga-zillion things on my plate, I needed to sit back and remember what I was doing 2 weeks ago, to find that beautiful stress-free place!

Thank you for indulging me!!! I feel much better!

It's great to be back at work, on both feet (!), settling into The Big Apple, learning a new role, plotting for the big CD launch (more soon, I promise - but if you live in the States, October 6 is THE DAY!!!), seeing old friends and colleagues and enjoying the hectic life in which I find myself. So hectic, my blogging has suffered, but I'll get back in the groove soon!

Off to London this weekend, then back here to NY/Seville!

(And yes, I really did see that whale catapult herself out of the water. Still stunned by it, in fact!)


Gerald said...

Dear Joyce, I am so glad you are on track again and that you had a great time in amazing Alaska! I can't wait to hear your first Marguerite next week in London and to see you on foot again! Good luck for the last preparation with Berlioz's score. Apparently the new CD will be issued in Europe in November! Amazing! Everything went so fast! Can't wait also to hear it! So many nice things to look forward. Youpie!!!

Renato said...

HA! Do you think that we, poor Europeans, will wait any longer? Thanks to Amazon, October the 6th will be THE DAY for us all! And finally you'll be our muse...
Welcome back!

Gi said...

I went whale-watching a few years ago in Canada: it was amazing. I swear the whales had fun.

Looking forward to the new CD, and to seeing you again sometime this season. Take care.

steve49w said...

What is so amazing about Alaska (and speaking as an Alaskan myself) you never get jaded to the beauty there. And it comes in all flavors. In Souteast where you were you have the forests and the Inside Passage with the wild life. In Sounthcentral you have amazing mountain ranges and volcanoes. In the interior the mighty Youkon and of course Denali. The North Slope has the Brooks Range while the Aluetians have their own beauty.

And nobody ever took it for granted. I am so glad that you loved it. Now if we can do something about our wacky politicians. Not just the former Gov. I got a list!

Irishrover said...

You seem to have genuinely enjoyed your vacation... There's nothing better than travels to make you feeling better and ready for a new challenge. And now we all now what's your next CD will be... Emi released the cover :) An all-Rossini disc, that's awesome!

Btw, I'm desperately looking for a radio broadcast of the upcoming concert at Barbican Hall... Would someone knows if it will actually be broadcast?

Mei said...

Can't wait for the Rossini arias... It looks very promising...

See you next week...!

Raisa said...

Dear Joyce:
Welcome back - so glad you are fully recovered.
It's so exciting that your new CD is coming out so soon!
I will be coming to your recital at Morgan Library on October 25th.

Great shot of the whale!
My husband and I went whale watching in Maine, but never saw that much.

[Lilith] said...

Hi, Joyce! :)

I asked Diana (not directly, but I have my own opera fans net around the world lol), and she says Ercole should be released at the end of this year, but she's not to be trusted about dates and schedules, really... hihihi

Anyway, now your CD will be out, and then hers will be too, and then we'll get the Ercole and WAH I'm overexcited! :D

If you amazing singers continue to release CDs like that I will be ruined a mite too soon xD

Take lots of care!

All my love,