Monday, December 7, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays...

...can often get you down, but in LA it's a bit hard to let it settle in and take hold, I have to say! Perhaps it's actually a most beneficial thing for my career that today is rainy, because loads of work beckons (or, is that loads of work beckon?), but I must admit that the last week of sunshine did my inner child a WORLD of good! I'll actually let a few pictures do the talking:

I really shouldn't say anything just yet (touch wood, please!), but my leg feels back to normal now. After loads of physical therapy, I have felt immeasurably lucky to be back on form, and while being cautious, have immensely enjoyed getting active again. In fact, I look at the roller skating as quite good therapy for the ol' legs! Not to mention the rush of just PLAYING! Ah, it does a soul good, so that when I have to play a young teenager... doesn't feel like QUITE as a big a stretch as it might otherwise! I just think finding JOY around you is one of the greatest gifts you can possibly give yourself. Life is not always easy, and challenges present themselves on such a regular basis, it is true. But if you can find a way to train yourself to see the humor or the laughter or the joy in it, somehow it passes a bit more easily - and the bonus is that I think you leave yourself open for the truth of the experience.

Even if that's not always possible, I'm a big believer in that when life is GOOD, make the MOST out of it! Celebrate it, and let it refuel you for when the tough times arrive. Which they will. But in the meantime - celebrate!

Or at the very least, LAUGH!

Now my Italian Art Songs are calling...."Amarilli......"


Irishrover said...

Good to hear you're completely recovered! *touch wood* These pics are awesome, and the sky is so blue!

Speaking about Rosina, we are finally able to see your Londonian performance! And I have to say, I really like this Rosina: she's definitely a teen. The one you embodied at the MET was more mature, more "adult", imo. This one is pure juvenile dynamite! Amazing how you're brimming with enthousiasm and energy. Must be good to finally be back on your feet though ;)

Meanwhile, enjoy life, enjoy LA, and take care ^^

AnnaO said...

Dear Joyce,

Glad to hear you're doing well and enjoying yourself! And thanks as always for reminding us to celebrate what's good in life.

Speaking of what's good, I definitely did a happy dance when I got home from work today and saw that your Colbran cd had arrived! I'm listening to it now and enjoying it immensely! Thank you!


Gi said...

Very sweet and inspiring photos, thank you.
Glad to read and see that you've recovered so well and are enjoying yourself.
Cheers, and keep it up!

Mr. Classical Guy said...

I Love L.A.! In n Out Burgers, the beach, the weather. Why am I in New York? Oh yeah, my job!


Anonymous said...

Dear Joyce, great to hear that you are all well and enjoying your life!!
I just wanted to tell you that FINALLY EMI Germany has managed to release your Colbran-disc and I must say that it is simply breathtaking!!! I truly never have heard these pieces sung as masterly and emotional touching as you present them! I hope that we get more Serious Rossini from you in the future (e.g. Ermione, Mosè ...!!) and of course that your fans in Germany (Berlin!!!!!!) can gain the "Joyce-Live-Experience" very soon!!!
All the best wishes to you! And ... let's enjoy life!

Yuen K said...

Hi Joyce,
It was so great to see your impeccable performance in LA this past Sunday; and it was so nice to meet you afterwards at the stage door. I listened to your CD for hours on my flight home to Boston yesterday and I absolutely love it. Thank you again for being so generous of your time to stop and chat with us; we know you must have been exhausted after the performance.

Best wishes for the remaining of the LA run. Hopefully I'll get to see you soon in 2010!

Mei said...

Glad to read your recovery is completed... You look fantastic...!

Looking forward to those Amarilli in your next January recitals...

Take care...

David said...

I love the gentle way you express what we all feel about good times and bad times. Gather ye rosebuds...

And remember what incredible joy that Barber communicated to the thousands in Trafalgar Square. You've certainly done your bit in terms of spreading the word and being part of the big change I feel is afoot.

Francesca said...

You never fail to make my day a little happier, Joyce! Thanks! And I am very glad to see that your leg has fully healed and you are back in action!

Raisa said...

Dear Joyce:
Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. It's so nice to know that you are fully recovered!

Mimi said...

Thank you for, once again, making me laugh at the end of a bad day, this blog is always the place I look to for some encouragement when I'm feeling down and I never fail to find it.

I don't know if you like to read reviews but this caught my eye just now. It's from an article from the Telegraph called 'Opera review of the century' and I was pleased to see this: 'It was Joyce di Donato, Nina Stemme and Natalie Dessay who gave evidence that the art of great singing was far from dead.'

I hope you have a wonderful, joyful christmas! xx