Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Heating things up

It's July 20, and I have 4 more days of the Italian Heat! I can make it, right? They will be busy days, but I can do 4 days! That's way easier than 5, and miles away from 6 days! The beautiful part, is that after I make it through these 4 days, I'm officially on a mini-vacation, and there is an Austrian Spa that has my name in neon lights flashing through the Alps! I can NEARLY smell the evergreens and feel the alpine breezes and the hot stones working their magic on my shoulders! Am I there yet?

(With the effervescent Franco Vassallo as Figaro)

Nope - I get two more lovely evenings at La Scala to perform in this glorious, historic production of Jean-Pierre Ponnelle's, relishing the opportunity to join in the enormous legacy of leading ladies who have donned Rosina's skirt for nearly two centuries here in Milan. (For curious minds, the first was Carolina Pellegrini on September 16, 1820!) I love being a part of such a legacy: not only being one of the many who have sung a role, but for example, tonight is the 171st performance of Barbiere at La Scala - imagine 171 performances, 171 audiences, 171 "Una voce poco fa's" - and that's only in one theater. I love to be a part of something that has traveled the world, been performed by so many different people, sung for so many different audiences - each night is something entirely new, and yet the unifying aspect of it all - over the centuries and cultures - brings a sense of peace and an "all is right with the world" sensation.

(With Juan Diego Florez as the Count and Alessandro Corbelli as Bartolo - perfection in so many ways!)

If I can't yet have my hot stone massage, I'll CERTAINLY take that for the moment!

(The famed Teatro alla Scala after hours)

I would also love to share some wonderful news with you all! I will be the recipient of the Female "Singer of the Year" for the Echo Klassik Awards, taking place in Essen, Germany on October 17. It's a wonderful award, and I'm truly honored and humbled to be receiving it - especially considering that my "counterpart" is Jonas Kaufmann!) Congratulations to the mighty list of winners!!

(The statue that bears the name of my lovely husband!)

And finally, an enormous "Grazie mille" to all the lovely people who came out to my "incontro" yesterday at the Scala Bookshop. It was a lovely (warm!) afternoon, and I appreciate your show of support very much!

In the meantime - back to Seville!


Chris said...

You look great in the black wig (I presume it is a wig). I think Rosina would have had black hair. The shades are great too, but not in the performance, I hope. Congrats on your much deserved award. Enjoy the mountain air and rest up.

Willym said...

Well I am looking forward to the last of those 4 days and am just hoping its cooler in Milano than it is here in Roma. As I mentioned before I saw this production when it was new which makes me really old but I know that you and that wonderful cast will make it all sound like new.

Congratulations on the award and once this is over enjoy that spa!

Squillo said...

Congrats on the award, and enjoy the mini-vacation. (Both well-deserved.)

Mei said...

You look great as dark brunette...!!

Enjoy your free time in Austria...

Congratulations on winning the ECHO Klassik prize, lucky you for having Kaufmann as counterpart... ;-)

Emma said...

I'm so happy for you!
Four more days, and then you get to relax and reminisce about all of the wonderful productions of Barbiere that you have been apart of!
(you're the queen of Rosina's in my book)

And Congratz on the Echo Klassik awards, to you and Mr. Jonas Kauffman.

Lastly, I love that picture of you with the sunglasses and peace sign!



This post is HOT! Love the gansta picture :)

Say hello to everyone in Seville!

Hariclea said...

Congratulations, Gluckwunsch!!!!! my favourite singers together on stage ;-))) at least for the ceremony i hope and crossing fingers some day soon for real :-))))
Enjoy Milan!!!

Gabriela said...

I've just been browsing the Echo Klassik Awards (congratulations on the award!!!) and it says that German National TV will broadcast the show on October 17th and show it at 22hrs. local time (Germany). You can check the following webpage: (http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/hauptnavigation/startseite/#/hauptnavigation/startseite) the evening of the show to see whether you can watch it live online or the video will be uploaded to the archive the days after. I suppose that it can be watched from any place (I am in Spain and can watch the broadcasts on that page without problems).

pesce42 said...

Love the shades!! If it is any consolation, it has been sweltering here in NYC as well...Enjoy your Spa!!!

Antxi said...

Hey Joyce

Finally we lost the subway; but we were able to catch a bus ;).

Hoping those 2 days go quickly and you have your deserved holidays.

Kss, Antxi

ps: As I told you, you were great tonight. BRAVA

gaulimauli said...

When I saw you first(one wonderful day), you were a ravishing redhead and I still think that's your best look. But what do I know, I'm just glad you survived this Milan Marathon without further disruptions and are now enjoying a little downtime.Does the hotel know who you are-or are you traveling incognito?I bet they would just love to put up a sign-"Welcome, singer of the year!"May I add my own congratulations to those already on file, I'm elated to see you receive this serious award.Salzburg next, I would just love to hear you two go at "Mira, oh Norma" and put a lump in my throat. Well, maybe some kind soul will upload this lovely duet for posterity.
Ever try to yodel?Would be a laugh to shock a recital audience when they are clamoring for an encore.

Zsolt said...

Congratulations to your award.

Im so excited..Salzburg is getting close, i will hear your beautiful voice to sing Adalgisa with my beloved Gruberova!! Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Is this a Joyce I see before me? (recording Rossini with Antonio Pappano in Rome)