Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I need Zen...

...and I need it now!!

So let's retreat, shall we, to a glorious Parisian afternoon spent amongst the bronzed, perfected creations of Rodin. Perfection of balance, harmony, movement, beauty - really, all the things that art should strive to be, no? Yes, let's spend some time here. Let's escape and breathe and marvel at what art CAN and SHOULD be!


Hanging around

Le Penseur

The Thinking Man's Legs


There. I feel better. Thank you!


Gerald said...

CORRAGGIO, carissima Joyce! I can easily imagine what situation you are currently experiencing in and outside the theatre. Think about all the beauty, joy and harmony your art is giving us. The last time I had this chance was on a warm Sunday afternoon in the capital of France with the wonderful tunes Rossini has written for your part in Donna del Lago. Your job is definitely not always easy and glamorous as one thinks, but you know that you have a community here to whom you mean so much as an artist and as a person. Tieni duro, tiens bon! Evivva l’Arte!

Wolfgang said...

I feel better too, now. Thanks for sharing!

Willym said...

Given what has been going on I can understand it fully. Sending as many good thoughts your way - and the way of all involved - as I possibly can.

Squillo said...

Sending what little I have in the way of calming vibes your way.

Focus on the music and forget all the other crud as best you can.

Breathe. Sing.

gaulimauli said...

Quite a few lumps of marble you are putting up there.Sorry, but I'm just a Florida countryboy with a limited appreciation of the visual arts. And to prove it, here is a one line cracker joke for you:**Never slap a man who is chewing tobacco**Aw,come on,a little smile will relax the face muscles.
Ruhe sanft, princess.

Squillo said...

Given current circumstances, you might enjoy this clip from "Meeting Venus."

If you've never seen it, it's worth checking out.

PiccolaSoprano said...

Art is innocence too! I'm not sure who these kids are, but their video on youtube of Evening Prayer from H&G never fails to take my mind off stress and put a smile on my might replenish your zen!

AnnaO said...

Thanks Joyce, those photos are beautiful! I hope everything works out and the stress is relieved once the performances get under way.

Does the fact that I recognized the title of your last post as a quote from Barbiere mean that I've listened to this opera way too many times?? Probably...but it never gets old! So know that when you sing Rosina you'll never fail to bring an immense amount of joy to those listening.

I also have to add that I just finished listening to the Geneva production of Donna del Lago, and it was absolutely exquisite! An emotionally touching and musically perfect performance. Thank you!

All the best,

Opera Cake said...

If I may say, Pappano knows/feels Rossini the best today, and if la Scala wanted to fix a knockout Barbiere musics-wise they should have invited him too.


Pinacoteca di Brera is very close to La Scala and it's a cool art place to visit. A little farther away is the church Santa Maria delle Grazie, where you can see Da Vinci's The Last Supper. It's fascinating in a weird way - but definitely supports your zen ;)

Other than that, move on and knock'em dead! ;)