Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gratitude - Day 154

...so, where was I? Right. Grateful! Very grateful! Let's just pretend that a month has not, in fact, passed, and that it is natural for day "154" to take 30 days to follow day "153", ok? Great. OK! Here we go:

Gratitude - Day 154

I'm grateful for ridiculously talented, colorful, dear friends! Thanks to the generosity of some wedding guests in Italy, my husband and I commissioned a wonderful friend of ours, Kevin Deen, to paint a little taste of Trieste for us to keep in our home in Kansas City. Kevin has long been painting acrylic architectural portraits, and we've always loved his incredibly bold use of color, to say the least. He surprised us with this fabulous gift and now we have a taste of Trieste all the way here in Kansas City! These little souvenirs are what making coming HOME so deliciously wonderful and to be treasured!

Do visit his website - it's an explosion of color and imagination!!! He does cards, small prints, big prints - you name it!

And for the record, I have been grateful for so very many things over the past month - I just haven't had much spare time! More to follow...


Operafan said...

Wonderful paintings, it's a little bit "Hopper-like" but much more colorful, thanks for the link and your shot, I love both! It's "Lamenti time" right now here, huge advertising on the radio and piles of CDs in the music stores, too bad I missed your rendez-vous last week with your colleagues, but I was lucky enough to be in Italy again for a few days... with my "JDDed ipod" and Lamenti of course!! Take care!

Hariclea said...

Great, isn't it amazing how you still get such an Italian feeling of it amidst the brightness of the colours:-)