Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gratitude - Day 155

Gratitude Day - 155

I'm grateful that it is October, and I'm home: able to see the beginning of the changing of the leaves, and listen to my niece and nephew's plans for their Halloween costumes! Fall is my favorite time of year (until the first winter snow arrives, then I change my mind...until the first signs of spring pop up, etc...) and I'm so happy I get a brief taste of it here in my hometown! Also, this guy just puts a smile on my face, what can I say?


Susan said...

That gorilla is awesome! I can imagine you giving a copy of this picture to costume departments at theaters around the world.

Hariclea said...

Nodding! Glad you get a time away from travels and to enjoy home! Nothing like the things at home that to others may seem silly but to you are just the best welcome ever:-) And you just filled my nostrils with the pungent perfume of dry leaves and the ears with their rustle during a walk in the park... hmm, must bake some plum pies to celebrate autumn properly!

Anonymous said...

KCOH fundraiser announcement (motorbike ride from KCOH -> Weston):

"By being a part of this ride, you’re helping to prove that opera is hip, young and not as stuffy as people think. After all, Mozart may not have thrown on his leathers and gone for a ride, but our Artistic Director does."