Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gratitude - Day 162

Gratitude - Day 162

I'm grateful for behind-the-scenes access. I don't mean to brag, but it is true that one of the big perks of being a singer is being able to wander into other exciting rehearsals, to watch the birth of a new production, and simply to sit back and bathe in glorious music.

I finished the staging of Beatrice's aria about an hour early yesterday, which allowed me to pop into the sitzprobe for Cav/Pag. (I missed the Cav, but heard a good portion of the Pag.) Onstage was the world-class Houston Grand Opera Chorus, and they sounded like a million bucks in this music, and it just hit me how fortunate I was to sit back, and enjoy this nearly private concert of music that I'll never ever get the chance to sing - it's another world, this "verismo" universe, and I enjoy so much getting a peak into their huge voices and blood-and-guts stories!


Susan said...

We get to do that as supers too. I love it. :)

Papagena said...

Can you imagine yourself as a furious Santuzza??? A te la mala pasqua!!! Mmm too bad she's out of your repertory, I'm sure you would look great dressed in black and with that dramatic look in your eyes ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yesterday "FURORE" become available on iTunes. YAY!


For the moment my preferred is the track #10, "E vivo ancora?" from Ariodante, but that will certainly change with time ;)

Thank you Joyce

Andrew Richards said...

Thanks for the reminder of this. It's easy to forget how fortunate we are, walking into rehs like this, much less sing in them. All the best, YankeeDee!