Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gratitude - Day 156

Gratitude - Day 156
I'm grateful for my Uncle. He turns 90 today. You read that right - 90 years old. 9 decades. (And yeah, I'm praying I got a decent fraction of that amazing DNA!) He made the trip in from Denver to hear my concerts over the weekend, and we were able to help him celebrate this momentous occasion. (He still plays golf, believe it or not!) He's an inspiration to me in many ways - his wisdom, patience, and humility have served him very well in his years, and I count myself most fortunate to reap the many benefits of his example. Indeed, I am grateful to be able to spend precious time with him while home!


Gi said...

Joyce, that DNA certainly looks worth having!
Have a great time this weekend, folks.

Gi said...

It appears that Lamenti is out!
Shopping season is starting :-)

Kenderina said...

Oh, Joyce, this is one of your best photos ever !!! A very very happy birthday for him, I hope he'll keep his energy (and "the amazing DNA !") for a lot of years to come :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Joyce! God knows how I'd love to have my grandpa still alive.

On the patience note, let me tell you -- it's been a "hell" waiting the release of your "Furore" ;-)

12 days to go

Hariclea said...

You are such a lucky girl!!! How nice to have such a nice uncle and to be able to share things with him :-) I am sure your genes are special ;-))) And here is something you can proudly share with him!!!

Everyone, here is the most wonderful Elvira for everyone to enjoy :-)))

Amy said...

This is a great shot, Joyce.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Uncle! :)