Monday, October 20, 2008

Gratitude - Day 165

Gratitude - Day 165
I'm grateful for this stunning creature who posed for me for about 30 minutes in a tiny flower bed during the Houston Bayou Arts Festival. I'm also grateful for my zoom lens that allowed me to find such detail, such as that curved antennae!!!! It was the perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.


Carlos said...

Wow, what a pic! Superb!

Ann said...

Aren't zoom lenses fabulous?! I had a butterfly obligingly pose for me and with my new lens (about 50mm short of yours), I discovered just how fuzzy butterflies are!

Fab capture! I wish I were in town to see you!

Papagena said...

My God, what a masterpiece!!! Actually, both the butterfly and your picture are. You're definitely a Renaissance artist, you can do everything, and all so perfectly!!! You keep impressing me.

Drammy said...

Dang the zoom on your camera is so beastly - your pic belongs in National Geographic.

Brett said...

Gorgeous -- love the colors! Btw, the curved appendage isn't an antenna; it's a proboscis, which it uses to drink the flower's nectar.

[Lilith] said...

Ohimé, that pic is AMAZING!

Thanks for sharing it with us :D