Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gratitude - Day 158

Gratitude - Day 158
I'm grateful for radiant examples of love. Meet my aunt. She is a vital 87 years-young, like her older brother full of great genes, and she is the most loving, serene, generous-of-spirit person that I think I have ever known. She exudes a quiet strength that inspires, but only ever with the intent to love.

Last Friday she was in town to attend my Kansas City Symphony debut, and the night before she fell down an entire flight of stairs. She was rushed to the Emergency Room, held overnight, and at noon the next day was being operated on for her broken wrist. She made the doctors release her by 2:30 so she could make the concert. She's 87, fell down a full flight of stairs, ONLY broke a wrist, had surgery and less than 24 hours later was applauding me (with her one good hand).

With all that is happening in our world, to know that a person like this is alive and (thankfully) well, is no minor miracle.


Papagena said...

Send a big kiss to your wonderful aunt... Get well soon, madam! :-)

[Lilith] said...

Ohimé! That's what I'd call a super aunt! I'm glad she 'only' broke her wrist! Sending healing vibes to her ^^

Btw, you'll have to laugh about this... ;) I guess you know msn, and msn smilies. Well, lately I've been learning how to make animated smilies with the 'gimp' and a friend of mine had the most funny idea... We've been making opera singers' smilies! LOL

Some of you are so expressive on stage it's really easy to make an smiley for nearly every feeling.

Isn't that cool? LOL

Lots of love,


Mei said...

Your aunt is a determined fan of yours...

Get well soon, auntie...!

Kenderina said...

My god, Joyce, what a family !!!
I hope your aunt's wrist gets better soon but after the stairs accident, I would be jumping of joy for just having a broken wrist.
She is so fortunate ! And also to have a niece that makes wonderful pictures like this and in top of that...sings !! ;)

Hariclea said...

Wow!! I am glad she felt much better soon and she was able to come along and hear you. I am sure it made the pain go away even faster! And I am with everyone here, what a wonderful family you have!!! And what a gorgeous picture of your auntie :-)