Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gratitude - Day 160

Gratitude - Day 160
I'm grateful for familiar things that always make me smile. This is a statue called "The Virtuoso" and is housed just across the street from the Houston Grand Opera Wortham Theater. I didn't have my wide-angle lens with me, so I couldn't capture the whole thing, but it's a fabulous, whimsical construction of a suspended, jolly cello player, complete with sound system spinning beautiful music 24 hours a day.

The blue sky was the perfect backdrop to capture a tiny bit of the 34 foot high structure, the same one that greeted me here 12 years ago as a young, naive, eager singer, and subsequently upon each return to this city it has always welcomed me back by putting a big smile on my face.

PS I'm also WAY grateful to see my friends here who all weathered Hurricane Ike bravely and safely.


Hariclea said...

I am becoming addicted to your photographs! I am always excited to stop by just to see what gorgeous image will greet us next :-) And together with your words they make me feel like I am standing next to you and looking at what your are looking at. The feel of stat cello and the music against that crisp sky must be amazing. I am glad the hurricane didn’t doo too much harm.

Papagena said...

Hey Joyce!!

I'm happy that you're enjoying your time home, altough I have to say that I miss you! I'm looking forward for your CD and above all your Furore concert in Madrid...

By the way, I guess maybe you artists shouldn't talk about politic, but what exciting days you must be living in the US!!! Here in Spain we are following the whole process with great interest, at least myself (i will not say who I want to win the election, though -I would like to behave properly in your blog ;-)

Muchos besos :-)