Thursday, October 9, 2008

As promised: The Full ("Virtuoso") Monty

Playing to the heavens

Standing alone


Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce! Your photos are great as ever.

I just read that this new Beatrice et Benedict will be sung in english?!! I mean, seriously... ;-)

On the 2nd thought I'd actually like to hear how that sounds. I guess it depends a lot on how well it's translated. Do tell us what you think about it Joyce ;)

Look at this funny twist: Janet Baker sang "Maria Stuarda" in english - should sound more appropriate all things considering, but instead, IMHO, it sounds weird.

bum_on_a_seat said...

Music in the air: thank you for those pics of Houston's impressive and never-silent cellist and, of course, for your other recent pics and words, especially on the subject of young-at-heart elderly relatives. I had a great-aunt and -uncle who emigrated to Chicago when they could see problems looming in 1930s Germany - had they not done so, they probably wouldn't have lived into their 90s, celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary along the way.

Music on the air: following on from the subject of anticipation - be it of children for a tasty treat or music-lovers for something aurally awesome - now must surely be a good time to mention that last month's wonderful and varied Wigmore Hall recital (after which it was lovely to say a brief hello) will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and the internet not on 22 October (as billed in the programme) but THIS MONDAY, the 13th, at 7pm BST (6pm GMT): - listen for up to 7 days after broadcast and enjoy again and again and again!

Drammy said...

Darn those pictures are incredible!

Yankeediva said...

Thanks, everyone! And dolcevita, I know it's strange to think of the Berlioz to be sung in French, but what's getting me through it is that #1, it's a very decent translation, and #2, it is based on Shakespeare's brilliant "Much ado about nothing", so it's not a complete atrocity!

Anonymous said...

Nah, I wasn't saying it was a complete atrocity ;)

It's just that it's... a tad weird.
Does it make a big difference for a singer? I'm sure you have to make some adjustments in phrasing.