Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gratitude - Day 163

Gratitude - Day 163
I'm grateful for volunteers and beautiful people! Meet Bonnie Sue. Bonnie Sue has been a volunteer for the the Houston Grand Opera for countless years, giving of her time in endless capacities. We all know the singers get the bows at the end of the performance, the technicians are appreciated when the set change goes smoothly and without incident, the PR departments get kudos when the big posters help sell tickets, etc. But all too often, the volunteers are the unsung heroes. They work quietly behind the scenes, asking for nothing other than the chance to be around this world they love and cherish. Yesterday Bonnie Sue celebrated a big birthday, surrounded by former studio members (like me!) that she nurtured and supported over the years, by the general manager, by all the staff and movers and shakers of the Houston Grand Opera - I hope it she felt how much she is loved!


Kenderina said...

So beautiful Bonnie Sue !!! And so important to have people like her to learn a few things about loving opera ;) I bet no one knows Houston Opera like her. I hope there will be at least a few younger people to follow her example there ;)

jennmac said...


What a kind post. I'm sure that Bonnie Sue will be as thrilled to see it as we all are touched to read about her and her commitment.

Volunteers are always the life-blood of any community.

Thanks Bonnie Sue!

Larissa said...

And to have a group like that sing Happy Birthday to you - what a treat!!

What a great treasure she is to HGO.

Dolcevita said...

What!? Nobody seems to be talking about "Furore" on this blog!

C'mon guys: It's beyond good! Serse, Teseo/Medea, Ariodante, Semele/Juno... love it all.

Now I'm hooked on the aria of Sesto.

Joyce FWIW this is IMO by far the best recording you've made so far.

Cheers everyone!