Thursday, December 4, 2008

Olè! (Tour: Day 3)

Last night we officially opened the "Furore Tour" in Madrid, and I had a wonderful time. There is something quite wonderful about revisiting a project (or role) that you invested a tremendous amount of time and energy in, put away for a spell, and brought back out. Somehow it's like putting on a familiar, somewhat worn in pair of gloves. Meeting back with the orchestra members, seeing the music with fresh eyes, and having the opportunity to share it with a warm public are all parts of the excitement and pleasure of a concert tour like this.

As I've noted here, I didn't have the most opportune start to my tour. But the show does go on, and frankly, I was thrilled to get through the program as I did, knowing it could have been a lot more difficult! Did I feel 100%? Well, no. But seldom does a singer have a night where every thing works in perfect harmony. But I did give it my all, and enjoyed the interaction with the orchestra and the warm, Madrid public tremendously.

So many people waited to meet me afterwards, to sign their CD's and share some very generous sentiments - and I hope they all know how much that means. I think sometimes people take it for granted that we singers get tired of hearing compliments or receiving gracious "thank you's". (Do YOU get tired of hearing compliments?!?! I didn't think so!) But while I can only speak for myself, I venture to say this couldn't be further from the truth for most performers, especially on a night where we might feel a bit below par, say, for example, from horrible jet lag!! But I never underestimate the fact that someone has saved a lot of money to attend a concert or purchase a disc, or has waited in a cold (!) hallway for 30-45 minutes just to say hello. That's precisely why I do what I do.

Tonight I get to take in Katia Kabanova here in Madrid, and then it's on to Amsterdam. My debut in the Concertgebouw. (MY DEBUT IN THE CONCERTGEBOUW!!! I love being able to say that!!!)

(PS: I'm sorry I don't have a photo to post here, but yesterday was a bit crazy and my focus was 100% on the concert. But now that we're up and running, I'll probably be a bit more inclined to snap a few photos along the way...)


Anonymous said...

Dear Joyce,
I am delighted to hear that you are one of these few performers which know what "meeting a singer" afterwards really means for your friends!! I 'm looking foreward to hear, see and meet you at your performance of the Rosenkavalier next year in February!!
You are sinply the best!
Greetings from Berlin, Jakob

Drammy said...

Thank you for blogging about the tour so we can all read about it [and live vicariously xD]! Sorry to hear that you're feeling under the weather but am heartened to know that when I do bug opera singers for autographs and such they won't all be dismayed.

Alors, bon courage!


Brian said...

Hi Joyce,
It was great to meet you in Madison, your Butterfly photos are gorgeous! And of course, congrats on an exciting start to the tour, I'm hoping Furore appears under my Christmas tree.
Best of luck and keep on writing,
Classicalive/The MadOpera Blog

Mei said...

Lucky me I was able to get this photo from the concert, after singing the last encore, Doppo Notte... :-)

PasaelMocho said...

Thank you for the concert.

Finding the "invitation" palcos empty surely was a little disocuraging for you. But when you called the Furies to come down to the theatre we took your word and we came down from the upper floors!!!

Kenderina said...

I'm glad to read you were able to enjoy your concert in Madrid , even with the jet lag and all the previous fuss :)

I've always thought that a bit of spoiling doesn't hurt anyone , not even singers ! ;)

Leah said...

Brava Joyce! I love hearing about the tour. Also, I am covering you as Rosina next year at the MET! Can't wait!

Hariclea said...

Loads to be said for an exciting start!! Good luck in the Concertbeouw!!! By the way in those parts of the world they celebrate the 5th of December Sinterklaas with chocolate letters, don't let them get away without giving you a big scrumptious J all of your own!!!

Papagena said...


You gave it all in Madrid and we perfectly noticed that. I'm afraid Teatro Real isn't exactly the perfect place to warm up if you start feeling a bit cold: they need to be warmed up by the artist (nobody's perfect!), but Joyce... you were great!!!! And the public loved you once again.

As for the THANK YOU's... I did it again!!! I think I've got so much to tell you and when I see you I can only repeat "thank you" once and again, tell you how great your singing is and how lovely you look. I got mad at myself!!! When I got home the other night, I told my boyfriend about it and he said "Well, what can you tell her more important than that?" I guess he's right. Anyway I'm glad to see you're not tired of thank you's :-)

It was great seing you!!!

Lots of love

Anonymous said...


Well, the photo from this day is on my mind... and in my pocket digital camera ;-)