Monday, December 8, 2008

Things that rock (Tour: Day 7)

The high speed Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris - THAT HAS WIFI.

Not only was the trip quiet, peaceful and uneventful (aside from arriving 30 minutes late - but this is now, officially the theme of the tour, so I welcome it!), but everything about the trip was pleasant and relaxed. Ah - to travel by train!

I arrived in Paris in time to partake in 2 interviews, take in the new colors on the Eiffel Tower (fabulous - hopefully pictures to follow) and settle in for a quiet, recuperative evening in a lovely, oh-so-French hotel.

Next up: Salle Pleyel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Operafan said...

Wow, a quiet trip, that's well deserved!! All best for tonight and don't forget... Paris loves you!! Cheers!

Brian said...

Joyce, so glad to hear the tour has been a success!!! Thanks for the beatiful photo's as well! I'll be in touch soon~

Anonymous said...

Been busy like hell here. So happy to disconnect a bit and go to la Salle Pleyel for a treat! :)

Hope you're doing well. Look, bug or no bug we love you as you're! No need for any extra pressure and stress. I know it's also business, but it's still you, us and Handel - so enjoy! xoxoxo

Off I go...

Drammy said...

Yahoo, you're in France now!

My friend Audrey K in Paris is unbelievably excited to see you!

Bon courage + Biz',


Anonymous said...

Joyce must be tavelling by Eurostar from Paris to London.

Just to let you guys know, she was absolutely SMASHING last night in Paris. La Salle Pleyel is kinda huge and its acoustics makes it tough on a singer to make it really big in there, but our Joyce was on high voltage - "Simply the best"!

Now Joyce, bug or no bug, you CANNOT say you were not 100% vocally last night! It may have bugged your breathing (?) but on my end you sounded just glorious.

Good luck in London and take care!