Monday, December 15, 2008

The snow in Spain....? (Tour: Days 12 & 13)


It's not a bad sight to wake up to: beautiful, fat snowflakes covering the Spanish countryside in a blanket of white. I'll take it.

I have been quite busy with travel and concerts, etc - so not a lot of time to write (preparations for my Valladolid debut imminent!), but I must say that I was truly overwhelmed in London on Saturday night. Another wonderful crowd, with the warmest of receptions, so many of you waiting so long to say hello afterwards - thank you all.

A few tiny things to share with you, as well. If you're interested in reading a little essay I wrote for The Guardian newspaper in London, you can read it here. They asked me to write about madness in opera, which I played around with a bit, trying to highlight some of the ideas behind my recording and concerts. I enjoy writing, so it was a nice project to take part in.

In more urgent news, if you live in the States, you can flip on your local PBS station TONIGHT (!) to watch the 2007 Richard Tucker Gala Broadcast. (Check for your local listings HERE.) Looks like most times are roughly 8:30 pm for the 90 minute special. It was quite a beautiful concert to take part in, but if you'll remember, it was quite a rush for me, having just flown in from Geneva overnight to sing at the last minute to sing with no rehearsal. An added element of nerves for me, is that they asked me to HOST the broadcast, so I flew to NY while in Kansas City this fall, taped the speaking parts, and had a blast introducing all the singers, as well as sharing some of the backstage chaos. The Gala, once an annual staple on TV has sadly been off the air for the past 6 years, so I'm very happy to have it back!

Thank you so much for all the hints about my favorite dish EVER - I will see if I can give it a shot for Christmas dinner!



Mei said...

You'll discover very beautiful auditoriums in Spain but be prepared for the chilly weather outside...

Scazza said...

Thank you so much for the heads up on the Gala! I thought it had broadcasted last year when I was out of town and was so bummed! My DVR is set.

SarahB said...

You'll be on at 9:00 pm ETD in New York City on WNET! Wooohooo! I can't wait! It seems like forever and a day since we saw this live but I remember it like it was yesterday.

Maury D'annato said...

Just listened to the part where you worry about whether you and RF got the timing down for the Cosi duet--a laugh after you hear the duet itself, which could not be better coordinated. Lamentably, I missed the first half of the presentation of the rose.

Dear god, what note did Damrau just pop into "Glitter and be homosexual"? (as we like to call it.)

marcillac said...

Didn't catch the whole thing (its DVRed, of course) but in the parts I saw you rocked. Hosting duties handled with great applomb.

Glad the tour is going so well. Alway fascinating to read your reflections. Enjoy Valladolid.

Also, while a thin coating of snow is always nice, as a fellow midwesterner I'll allow myself the liberty of aking you not to bring it to Manhattan with the Furore. The place just isn't designed for snow when one has to get to work (or a concert for that matter). The Furor will be all the better if it remains on stage and does not manifest itself in concurrent meteorological events.


Brett said...

Just watched it -- you were fabulous! There were really some great singers there.

John Kenneth Adams said...

Congratulations on being named Diva of the Year by the London Telegraph today. They chose your Elvira in Don Giovanni... a role you were born to sing. Last night the duet from "Cosi" was magic with Renee Fleming. Surely the Met would die for such a combo for Mozart!! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Wink & chuckle


Kenderina said...

We do have snow ! Well, not here in my place but weather is ugly and cold too :) Hope you don't get frozen in Spain, people won't believe you ;) I got sun-tanned this past summer in London and no one believed me when I came back !

Salarino said...

Thank you very much for the Valladolid recital. You were great, and I had one of the most memorable evenings with your artistry. When planning tours in the future, please remember our tiny town (and our auditorium) ;-)
Thanks a lot.

[Lilith] said...

Oh, Joyce... I'm blown away. I've spent (literally, rapidshare is really slow! lol) all night downloading the Richard Tucker Gala just to see your duet with Diana and it has SO been worth it!

I'm so thankful for the wonderful music, and for both your Goddess' voices and for your 'cramazingness'. All I can say is thank you, once again.

After seeing this duet I feel the tatto is so well deserved I will proudly wear it for the rest of my life without ever regreting it ^^

By the way... The Diana's outfit you wore should be in a museum! LOL

I saw her live as Gretel at the cinema in Barcelona yesterday, and it was an incredibly beautiful performance. She was fantastic and superlatively cute, as always.

I thought I could make it to Valladolid but I have my own concert in the same date. Ah, cruda sorte! Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon!

All my love,


Anonymous said...

Saw the vids on YT. I esp liked the duet Joyce+Rene. Joyce, Dorabella fits you like a glove.

Thx Lilith for posting the videos! What is the tatoo you're being so proud of?

[Lilith] said...

You are very welcome, Dolcevita :)

I got a tribute tattoo because of Joyce, Diana Damrau and Natalie Dessay.

It's a stuff in D minor, and the D stands for them ^^ I guess I was really lucky they three got one in their names! Plus it is also the key of my favourite aria, the "Der Hölle Rache" :)

Yankeediva said...

Thanks so much, everyone!!! The Tucker was so much fun to host and to sing in - and I just think it's great that it's back on TV!

And Maury - Glitter and be Homosexual - I'm dying!

Yankeediva said...

Thanks so much, everyone!!! The Tucker was so much fun to host and to sing in - and I just think it's great that it's back on TV!

And Maury - Glitter and be Homosexual - I'm dying!

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAAA! Maury I'm literally rolling on the floor laughing ;-)

Gerald said...

Thanks to a lovely soul, who kindly sent me her recording from the US, I finally got a chance to watch this fabulous Gala yesterday night. Needles to say that I enjoyed it SO-VERY-MUCH! This is really the kind of evening one regrets not having been able to attend in person. Luckily the cameras were back in the hall to tape it. I had forgotten, that you would actually introduce the programme, Joyce! So my JOY was even bigger when you appeared! And how funny and professional you did that too. Great! It would be a dream come true to hear you sing the whole Rosenkavalier with Diana (there's hope, no?). And after such a convincing pre-taste, I also would love to hear you perform Dorabella (che maestrià, bravissima!). Rosina is finally-luckily coming soon. I can't wait! Toi, toi, toi for the rehearsals! See you in London!