Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gratitude - Day 48

Again, I'm grateful for comfortable shoes! Poor Cenerentola might have to go around in rags, but I guarantee you she doesn't have aching feet! It's actually also a bonus since this is quite a physical show for me, and it makes my chances for wiping out a bit smaller! It's true that I'm quite accident prone, and after many a spill on the stage (oddly enough, usually in the role of Rosina - she's given me 5 different ankle injuries!), I'm always keen to avoid those accidental falls witnessed by thousands of on-lookers!

I was all the more relieved to finish last night's show on my feet - it was a live broadcast on Spanish National Television (and also taped for future DVD release!) I love these kinds of live broadcasts, especially when they're a video feed as well, because the level of adrenalin surges (who needs those "Happy Pills" when we've got it in abundance naturally!), and the demand for concentration inches up, which I think gives a better overall performance for the people in the audience: everyone seems to win. I do love knowing there is a camera zooming in to capture our every expression, because the second I drop concentration, or committment, or honesty, it reads like a flashing neon light in the desert. It just makes me a better performer. Of course, it's also a tough mental game, because it's tempting to start singing with the single aim of 'perfection' instead of 'expression', and that's a thing I continue to learn . (I suppose it's a true predicament for all performances, but knowing that it is captured for eternity can add a certain degree of pressure.) Luckily, I'm getting more opportunities to participate in these kinds of broadcasts, so it's a skill I think I'm acquiring more with each event, but it absolutely requires a strong hold over your self-monitoring side, for if that little critical voice takes over, you're doomed!

Overall I thought it was a good performance (naturally with a gazillion things I'd like to do better), but it felt spontaneous and expressive, with each cast member 'on', and the audience again seemed to really enjoy themselves.

I'll take it!


Gi said...

Last evening I watched Hercules on cable and enjoyed it very much. You are a great performer, and there was great singing all around. I'm glad there are plans for a Cenerentola DVD since I'm unfortunately not going to Barcelona although it's almost next door.
Still, perhaps I'll get to see you later in the year :-) In the meantime, I'll keep visiting your lovely blog.
Take care.

South Africa Pam said...


I love reading all of your comments of the past year. You are a great writer as you are a great singer!!

Mel and I are looking forward to seeing you in Chicago in "Barber of Seville".

Hope you haver comfortable shoes in that role. Have fun at rehearsal!

Larissa said...

glad you got it on tape - I look forward to seeing it.