Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gratitude - Day 49

Tonight my little brother treated us to a really delicious meal at a true Barcelona 'establishment': Los Caracoles, est. 1835. To be a good sport, I did taste the signature dish (snails), but opted for the gazpacho as a starter instead, and then the 3 of us did very well by an enormous serving of Seafood Paella. It was really delicious, and the perfect ending to my brother's trip here - considering he complicated his final few days by breaking his ankle! (Note to self - start taking out traveler's insurance in the New Year!) We've had a wonderful time, and I've been spoiled getting to spend so much time with a member of my family!

But my gratitude tonight is usurped by this photo - mainly because I'm grateful I took it AFTER we enjoyed our meal!



Oliver said...

Haha, good final sentence! Well at least the tomatoes look fairly nice in the photo, just the chef hardly inspires confidence!

Well I'm sure you no doubt hit the bottle and "Happy Pills" afterwards, assuming you're the typical opera diva!

Feel sorry for your brother: I broke my ankle in Italy a couple of years ago, actually it was in Pompeii, and those rather dangerous Roman streets! It certainly didn't help going up Vesuvius the next day, well at least I got to see the inside of an Italian hospital (I mean how many tourists can say they've done that!)

Gi said...

LOL You should have seen the kitchen of the restaurant where I had lunch on my first day in Delhi a little over a year ago.
I never again ate anywhere except in 5 star hotels and never visited another kitchen during that trip.

pepita said...

hé hé ... As you let us discover the other side of the curtain, you discover here the other side of the kitchen.

Never ever watch what happens in the kitchens, just enjoy the meals ;)

Brian said...

That is the best photo. Never stop taking them Joyce, you never know what shot you might miss. Like this classic. You should send it to Caracoles to see if they want it for their website..It could be your first published photo. Or maybe they'll pay you to destroy it too? HA