Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've moved!


Hello wonderful Yankeediva Readers!!

May I just take one moment to THANK YOU (each of you! Yes, YOU!) for taking the time to stop by and read my ramblings? It started off as a rather tentative venture YEARS ago, and has certainly been more successful than I ever could have imagined. Your interactive comments have helped me shape the direction of my writings, and your enthusiastic replies have always kept me motivated to write when I can.

Thank you!

But, in trying to streamline my life a bit, I've made a SLIGHT change: I've moved my blog over to my newly revamped website.


All future postings will now be posted on the NEW SITE. There is an option to subscribe on the NEW SITE, so you can stay updated and never miss a rambling missive from me, and you will still have the opportunity to comment on the postings as well - please continue to do so! Your comments are always welcome and appreciated!

I hope there will not be too much confusion over the new location, but it will make my life a bit easier, so I thank you for your understanding!

See you in cyberspace!


Gi said...

Ok, dear Joyce, ready to follow you wherever you blog - pity I can't also go easily where you sing :-(

Alixkovich said...

Ooooh no! Having a blog of your own made it feel intimate! Now that it moved all the intimacy is leaving! I'm sorry, I do understand, if it makes your life easier then good for you... but I'm really not happy about this! =(

Yankeediva said...

Thank you, Gi, and Alixkovich, the only thing changing is the address and background color - all the rest is the same! Sorry you're unhappy about it, but hopefully you'll see that not much has changed!


Alixkovich said...

Well...I hope I'll be able to adapt but it's going to be hard...I really liked this blog, it was just yours, now Emi/Virgin has taken over everything.

gslanfranchi said...

Well, Joyce, let me say this straight: I, for one, don't care about what your blog address is. I don't care *how* can I reach you, since you are here, next to us, to your public. And isn't this amazing? I will surely continue to follow you along your adventures and the risks you take into the musical world, and please rest assured that this is a huge privilege for us. By the way, I happen to write a blog ('from the bottom shelf':, a very humble one, actually) about opera for the Brazilian audience (mostly in Portuguese). We don't get much opera here, unfortunately (...yet, I hope), but I try to share my little lot through the internet, just as you do. My next post, after the one I'm writing right now, about regie productions of Don Giovanni, will be about you and your Gramophone awards. Congrats!
Before I'm gone, let me thank you for your engagement on the cause of diversity. That's a very important stuff you're doing, and we acknowledge it. By the way, I managed to captivate my partner into the opera world showing him some dvds of contemporary productions - and had a great time together watching your brave wheel-chair rendition from ROH.
Let me finish this with a (very) happy face, now :-D

Irishrover said...

Um, not happy about this either... What happened to you this summer?

Sibyl said...

Oh, yes, I certainly will follow you, virtually, anywhere!

Yankeediva said...

Thanks everyone. But I would like to clear up one thing - the new website is simply an updated version of the old, which was simply way out-of-date in regards to format and programming. I have worked extensively with the designer, paid for it completely myself, and am personally overseeing every minute detail of it. EMI/Virgin have not made a single input or contribution to it. The Blog has and will remain absolutely my domain and I don't plan on changing a thing about it the nature of it - only the format. My entire purpose of building a website "way back when" was to make it personal and provide an insight into the inner workings of a life in opera, and I feel that has only been enhanced by a website that can be more easily updated, added to, expanded, etc, and trying to make my life a little bit more streamlined. I'm sorry if any of you feel that the content or feeling of it has changed, but I can only assure you I'm doing everything I've always done, it is only the format which has been tweaked. I hope this helps a bit.

Alixkovich said...

Oh, okay, it's just, you know, no one likes changes! :-)

Zsolt said...

Thank you Joyce, will follow in the future as well.

Thank you for all the post, and for the whole blog, and congratulations for your awards!!

I'm listening the whole day your Rossini Cd, and it is wonderful, thank you!!


Vanette said...

I for one have not been able to "subscribe" to your blog, or maybe I have subscribed but since there hasn't been a new entry since I went in I just haven't noticed it.
What I miss on the new blog is the window with the latest Twitter. I do not wish to connect to Twitter just peek occasionally.
I'm still a fan and definitely looking forward to your Rosina next week in Berlin - I just don't connect to your blog as often.

Yankeediva said...

@gslanfranchi - Obrigada! That means a lot to me.

And @Vanette - once I get another post up, let's see if the subscription works! I keep my "twitter feed" on the home page of the website now, so it's still available w/out subscribing!!


gaulimauli said...

Oh, get used to it,join her on twitter, send her a message-she'll read it and may even reply. And no,I'm not buttering her toast, she's immune to that. No diva on this planet shares as generously and unselfishly as she does.Ok? Ok!

Fleur du May said...


I will try to follow you there from now on. I got used to read here, though I did not comment all the time, lack of time, and I am sorry for that.

As I have lost an artist dear to my soul without having the chance to tell her my feelings, and also the courage, I will try to tell to you how I feel about your wonderful talent. It takes a lot for me to express what I feel in words.

So I will say all of those words on your new site, I am very excited to read new things.

May God bless you and protect you dear wonderful artist.

Best regards,


Vanette said...

I have just one small complaint about your blog move and it concerns the Twitter window. I prefer the old style on the Yankeediva blog, which keeps between 3 or 4 tweets. The window in your "official website" only shows the latest twitter.

God fortsättning - approximately happy/merry continuation

chris said...

Re the background color. All due respect, Joyce, but deep red is an abomination. Letters are difficult to read on it and one doesn't want to stay very long since it hurts the eyes. A simple white or off white background is always best. With nice clear black letters.

chris said...

If you simply MUST have a colored backdrop what about a nice, light yellow to reflect your sunny disposition? Black letters could be read easily against a light yellow background.