Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gratitude - Day 11

I'm definitely grateful to have the chance to bake in my very own kitchen - not a rented space, not a borrowed pan or spoon - all mine! In this case, the craving was for cinnamon rolls, and I caught the dough just before being rolled together.


ACB said...

YUMMM!! Enjoy your time at home!

Oliver said...

Now that has made me hungry looking at that. And not having had cinnamon for a while, I think something "cinnamony" must be on the cards.

Did you add anything to this, or was it just pure cinnamon. I don't think I've ever tried cinnamon without it being paired with fruit. Have I been missing out on something good?!

Yankeediva said...

I actually add a bit of ground cloves to the cinnamon/sugar mixture - and if the spirit moves me, a bit of nutmeg as well. But I DID consider adding some diced apples -- that would have to be good, right? Cheers!