Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gratitude - Day 8

I'm grateful for actually being able to celebrate someone's birthday on their actual birthday-day!

Normally I miss all the big occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, bar mitzvahs, you name it) and so to be a part of the celebration in a non-belated fashion is a real treat. It was also a nice way for our cast to have a final outing before heading our separate ways on Thursday. The gathering was at "Carosello", and if you're ever in Geneva, I can't recommend their pizza enough - particularly the "Pecorino/Rucola" pizza.

In the meantime, "Happy Birthday, girls" - it has been a joy sharing these long, 8 weeks together!


pepita said...

Thanks for my morning vitamins with your Gratitude days.

I now can't start working until I connect your blog and enjoy your sharings. YankeeDiva addictive ..

Thanks, and happy birthday ladies !

vittorio said...

Quella torta sembra fantastica: immagino che sia durata molto poco!! Complimenti il tuo blog: sembra di essere vicini anche se sei dall'altra parte del mondo. Un grande abbraccio e grazie ancora per le emozioni che riesci sempre a trasmettermi con la tua voce. Vittorio

Mikebench said...

MMMMM... Rucola pizza - you have spoken the magic words... I'll tell you where to get the best one in Paris the next time you're there...