Monday, November 26, 2007

Gratitude - Day 13

A good friend of mine has a fabulous Provençal restaurant, "Café du Soleil" at 104th and Broadway in NYC, and I met a dear friend of mine there for dinner tonight, giving us a chance to enjoy amazing food (a heavenly "casserole du champignons") and great company - gratitude abounds!


Emily said...

I enjoy your blog very much. The picture series is insightful as to the distraction from work and music. I read (rather, try to get lost in someone else’s life) for at least an hour a day to distract from difficult passages in my music.

Operafan said...

I enjoy it too very much!! Your blog is like a ray of sunshine making you start your day in a light-hearted mood. It's like opera, addictive!!

Scazza said...

I just came back from an amazing Thanksgiving and I was surprised to be so passionate and happy to be singing again. I've been watching you on youtube (I was there at the recorded Met Barbiere and you blew me away) and you have been so inspiring, electrifying. I can't think of anyone else who conveys such joy, really I've been trying to think, and maybe only Beverly Sills. You may really be her heir. I can't believe you're not at the Met this year! I'll definitely be seeing your recital, but until then I look forward to your next post!