Friday, August 13, 2010

Austrian Photo Safari - looking up!




The most obvious one of all!



Georgios said...

The umbrella is absolutely brilliant!

Matthew Martinez said...

Looks like Salzburg - love it!

cizekgraf said...

I´m glad you like it in Austria and I hope you´ll come to vienna, too someday!

Francesca said...

Is that Zara as in the best clothing store EVER Zara? If so that's the coolest sign they've ever come up with!

Raisa said...

Lovely-lovely pictures!Especially the 1st one - "the gallery". Love the key and the Figaro Hair Salon!!!

Marie Koutná said...

Wow, nice photos. :)
That strange roof going down the hill in the first photo fascinates me.

Klassikfan said...

@ Marie Koutná
I think this "strange roof" is the Mönchsberg lift: "The Mönchsberg lift takes you up and above the city roofs to the Mönchsberg in less than 30 seconds. Once you have reached the top, you can enjoy excellent views of the historic part of Salzburg."

@ Joyce
While you were on stage last night there was a wonderful film about Rossini on TV - including some clips of your rehearsals of "Il Barbiere" at La Scala - followed by your outstanding "Cenerentola" from Barcelona! Sometimes the TV programmes do give us pleasant surprises.

Vanette said...

Thank you for posting your Twitters on your blog page. That way I don't have to get a Twitter account to stay updated.
Concerning your Photo Safari, I'm again impressed with your photo eye. When we were in Salzburg 4 years ago I took pictures of a lot of the same signs but my compositions are more of the memory jogger variety. You are inspiring me to do try harder. Enjoy Edinburgh.

Marie Koutná said...

@ Kassikfan
Thank you for the information. I must try it when I visit Salzburg then - if I ever visit it... :D

artandhockey said...

Wie mich dass zurueckfuehrt... Mirabellgarten, Wasserspiele, Gnome, Miozartkugeln, Salzburger Nockerl, Schnuerrlregen... die Liste ist endlos ;)
Enjoy your stay, Salzburg in sun or rain IS special!