Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why rain is good

It would appear that after our 3 heavenly, gorgeous sunny days here in Salzburg we may have consumed all the sunshine for our 2-week allotment. That does make me a bit sad, but it's imperative to remember why the rain is necessary and, in fact, sublime!

At a recent dinner party (oh God, it was good! And the recipe can be found in the new Opera Singer's Cookbook: Die Oper Kucht!) I couldn't get enough of the gorgeous flowers that were abundantly and proudly strutting their stuff. I leave you in peace to enjoy the hard labors of the rain that so dutifully falls on this lovely, historic, sonorific town!



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Zsolt said...

Wonderful photos.

Some videos on youtube, from monday Norma performance in Salzburg..:)

Georgios said...

I adore Dahlias, even though they are deemed too unfashionable nowadays!
Took some pictures in Edinburgh a couple of months ago, the Royal Crescent after the rain was magical:
But then I adore icy conditions too, everything just glistens e.g:

chris said...

1. More gorgeous photos. I can't decide whether your voice or your pictures are the more beautiful.
2. What about putting your cinammon roll recipe on your blog? Good Kansas cinnamon rolls should be made available to all.
3. I hope your twitter whatever doesn't detract from your blog. I don't do "twitter" but I adore following your blog.

Klassikfan said...

Rain - a little bit now and then - may be good. But what we have got this summer is, as Heinrich Heine said, "a winter, painted green". ;-))

lili_baranska said...

Hello dear Joyce!

Those pictures are amazing!
You sing so nice and you also are a great photographer!

I'm studying to be an opera singer, it´s such a big dream. But I also have a big passion for photography.

I hope you are fine.
Au revoir!!!

Love, Lili (México)

Susan said...

These photos take my breath away! I must confess, I'm tempted to scratch and sniff my screen.