Friday, August 20, 2010

Salzburg Recap

No, it never gets old to think of taking part of something so historic and profound:


We were blessed with amazing weather while in this lovely city: for highlighting those steeples and orange roofs, blue skies by FAR beat out those gray ones!

Blue sky, in Salzburg?! Ja Ja

The road trip to Salzburg involved a stop at a roadside rest stop where I saw surely the world's largest jar of Nutella. It was only 33€ and I tried to convince my husband that it was a REAL bargain! He didn't let me buy hips were relieved, but I was personally devastated!

A look back in time:

Creating memories

I'm not always a good tourist when I visit new cities. Often my tolerance for fighting the feisty crowds and predictable gift shops is non-existent after having done it for so many years, but we simply had to stop into the house where Mozart was born. I don't care how jaded one is, it's still powerful to think that this was the spot in the universe where some sort of access to the divine was born. The "doorbell" outside the front door not only is a cool design, but I couldn't help but think that these were surely some of the first musical sounds little Wolfgang ever heard:

First sounds

Don't tell anyone, but I secretly snapped this photo of his spinnet where numerous of his early compositions were supposedly created. It totally gave me chills. (And it's not a bad photo, considering I was holding the camera at hip level, with my back turned to it!!!!):

Mozart's Spinnet

Shopping in Salzburg - mercifully my bags were already exceedingly overweight, so purely from a technical standpoint I was prohibited from doing any damage. However, I did still covet - and I tend to covet things I'll never, ever be able to wear again:

I covet

And finally, the raison-d'être: a magical, memorable performance of my first Adalgisa. After the 2nd concert, I shared with Edita Gruberova that this was a most unforgettable experience for me, and that I would never forget sharing the stage with her. Her response carries quite a message: "Well, we do work hard, don't we?"

Danke for the most wonderful 2 weeks, Salzburg! I hope to see you before too long!


Susan said...

The shoes look great... but... *GASP* at that Nutella jar! Want, want want!

Georgios said...

The shoe looks like an artwork by Meret Oppenheim ;-)

doorknobdiva said...

mmmmm.....Nutella :-)

Squillo said...

The Nutella looks like a far better deal than the (admittedly awesome) shoes. Is that 469 Euros???

Especially for those of us who tend toward the orthopedically challenged.

Congrats on the Norma, and thanks for sharing your pix of a city I dream of visiting someday.

Klassikfan said...

Don't want to make you envious, Joyce, but I have spent this afternoon in SUNNY Salzburg which is just a short hop from Munich. During festival time it is a gorgeous town.
Ehm, what do you mean by "Schuss" (= shoot)? I guess you wanted to say the German word for "bye", "tschüss"? - which is really hard to pronounce and to write. Schuss sounds nicely ;-))

Emma said...

Dear Joyce,

I'm so glad you had a good time in Salzburg.
Forgive me, but I couldn't help but noticing that you wrote "Schuss."
Schuss is a rapid skiing dash-or a loud explosion.
Either you wanted to go out with a bang (haha) or you meant "Tschüss"
which is goodbye.
It actually made me smile :)

Schrati said...

Once I participated in eating up a 3 kg jar of Nutella, the biggest one I had ever seen before, it came from Milano. We were about 15 girls living together and it took us 14 days...

chris said...

I would have been a bit puzzled by Gruberova's reply, to be honest.

Marie Koutná said...

I definitely need to get that Nutella. Now I finally know what should my Christmas present be. :)