Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gratitude - Day 91

I'm grateful for fabulous colleagues! Our 12-performance run of "Barbiere" in Chicago came to an end last night, and it was a marvelous group of people with which to spend 2 months of my life! From the enthusiastic backstage crew, to the remarkable rehearsal department gang (no request too obscure for them!), to the wonderful cast. I count my blessings that I'm an opera singer today when many colleagues have learned to listen on the stage! For example, the Rosina-Figaro duet in Act 1 was a blast to play with the immensely talented Nathan Gunn - each night the scene played out slightly differently, because we were listening and reacting, making it possible to PLAY the scene as if it were ... a play! The time (almost!) always flies on a production, and while most folks are usually ready to move onto the next project, a run like this is always hard to say goodbye to.

Me? I have a 4 hour rehearsal today with my accompanist for our first recital tomorrow - preparing for a week with 4 recitals in 7 rest for the weary!

Happy Easter, everyone!


Chicago Usher said...

Having seen all of those performances, many from inside the House, I can assure you it was just as difficult for us, your audience, to see the last show. Every performance there was something new I caught sight of. There was so MUCH going on! And the singing! People came out after Act I raving, "That soprano is FABulous!" "Wow!" and my favorite, "Boy, it was worth coming just to hear her!" We will miss you in Chicago, and hope you'll come back again very soon!

Yankeediva said...

Dear Chicago Usher - that is so sweet, and as silly as it may sound, a perspective we don't often hear about - truly the other side of the footlights! Thank you for getting every one safely to their seats, and for passing on the lovely comments! We can never get enough of those!!! Take care of Chicago for me!


[Lilith] said...

Yeah, it seems to me that everybody misses you when you go somewhere else to steal the show ;)

I don't think you actually know how incredibly special you are. Not just because of your voice, but because of the way you see the world.

You carry that camera with you and you show the World to the world, from your point of view. I'm sure you're your nephew's favourite aunt (come on, you're like most people's favourite person! lol), mostly because you understand his way of thinking about things. You know, with this curious and imaginative perspective.

I have told you this... What? A million times? But I just feel like repeating myself every time I read you.

I actually have something to tell you. I got a tattoo a on my right ankle a month ago: it's a staff with a B flat. The key's D minor. Wanna know why? That D goes for my three favourite singers: Diana Damrau, Natalie Dessay, and you, of course. I'm so lucky all your last names star with a D! lol I would have had some problems if not ;)

I thought about D major, but two sharps were longer to tattoo than one flat, that's why.

I'll show you the tattoo when we meet again (hope, as always, it'll be soon).



Yankeediva said...

HOLY COW! Irene! I think that makes for my very first tattoo honor!!! I'm completely flattered and am scheming of a way that the 3 of us can get a photo op with you!!! Ariadne with dueling Zerbinetta's? I know - a Magic Flute where DD is the Queen, ND is Pamina (or vice versa, really!) and I guess I'd be stuck w/ 2nd Lady - but why not? It's Mozart after all!!!

d minor - unbelievable!!!

[Lilith] said...

Well, you do leave a 'mark' (in the most positive meaning of the word) in people every single time you sing, but people around can't see it. The difference with this 'mark' is that it's external, that's all ;)

Come to think of it, sometimes people around can see it - by the astonished look of the face lol

Oh, my. I think I'd die in peace after a Magic Flute like that. Actually, I think it would kill me! lol It's my favourite opera, so you hit right on the spot. It's a shame there's not a big mezzo role in the opera, but the Three Ladies are quite a lot of fun, after all ^^

Thanks for your answer! And thanks for being just the way you are.



Lilly said...

Hi Joyce,

I LOVE the picture of Nathan that you have on your blog! He's such a cutie pie - and such a sweet man!