Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gratitude - Day 104

So apparently I do not, in fact, have any shame.

Here it goes: I'm grateful for Mallomars. (Or, in this case, "Melo-cakes") Yes, I'm wildly grateful for them and for the insanely short sugar high they bring!


Oliver said...

I wonder how long after this photo was taken these had "disappeared"?!

Susan said...

Yum! *drool*

Grant said...

I fully approve of the chips. However, my taste runs more to an ice cream chaser.

You know Paris well, so I don't need to tell you about the Grilled Pistacio Gelato at Pozetto close to the Opera Bastille.......

[Lilith] said...

Ah, yummy sugar-rushing cakes. "Oh, small creamy wonder, you make my taste butts thunder", as my friend Britanni would say lol!

Check her homage to cupcakes if you feel like it:

Do you know a little shop called 'Happy pills' in Barcelona? It's a corridor full of yummy sugar made thingies that you can use as a 'medicine' to relieve a bad mood or against the unbearable lightness of being! :D

You see, today's my birthday and I feel like eating sweet things, so I find your post so appropriate I'm grateful for it! ;)



Larissa said...

One step away from Moon Pie's.

dolcevita said...

Thanks Joyce for the blog. Just discovered it and am loving it :)

Can't wait to see/listen to/ you in Bastille.
Obviously the main worry here concerning the Capuleti is if Trebbs will manage to sing through the whole opera more than two nights. And as you may guess this is accompanied by the endless speculations on who the replacement might be as it apparently is not yet fully clear since 3 names are circulating... - wel, lol).

But, BUT the general comment is smt like "As long as Joyce will be there I'm fine". Thought you might like to know it from an ordinary fan :)

Take care and keep it up!

Anik said...

I'll definitely crack open a package of Melo-Cakes in your honor when I first listen to the CD once it comes out ;-)

With all the work, and the entertaining and enlightening reports on it that you so kindly provide us with, I'm sure some comfort food is more than acceptable by ANY food plan.

Hm. Now you got me thinking that it's been too long since I last had apple crêpes flambéed in calvados with crispy caramel and vanilla ice cream on top... uhm, can I cite you as inspirational excuse?

jennmac said...

As kids, we used to sing a rousing verse of "Oh Canada, our home and native land" and then smack the hard chocolate covering with our fists! What fun for a special treat!

My parents still buy these for "the girls". It's really too bad that they don't like them - I guess I'll have to have a few! ;O)