Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gratitude - Day 94

I'm grateful that I occasionally get special access to wonderful places. Tonight Leo and I spoke during the 2nd intermission of "Ernani" at the MET (HELLO Ferruccio Furlanetto and your gorgeous LEGATO!), on the Sirius Broadcast. To reach the studio, we have to climb to the 6th floor, giving us the chance to overlook the foyer and champagne drinkers during the pause. It's a spectacular place to observe and to view the gorgeous chandelier from a different angle ... so for 'special access', every once in awhile, I'm super grateful!


paul24 said...

Furlanetto has got beautiful legato indeed. But I was just listening to Dunque io son from the MET and Chicago (Mattei and Gunn, respectively) and even if I wish I were a sing this piece with you is like to drive a rollercoaster :-)Brilliant and absolutely perfect!!!

[Lilith] said...

Talking about your Rosina...

Joyce, I'm SO happy! I've had the DVD of your Met Rosina delivered from NY! YAAAAAY! Isn't it wonderful to have friends all around the world? ^^ I'm grateful for friends!

I've just watched the whole opera and I'm exhilarated. As you can't see me, I'm shamelessly dancing around my bedroom in excitment lol

By the way, I wanted to ask you something. I know that, let's say 'officialy', only your version was recorded in DVD, but I also have the complete opera in mp3 with Diana as Rosina. Do you happen to know if her version was also recorded? I don't think it was, but just in case.

And then, yesterday I was desperately wandering around the classical music section of a big music shop in Barcelona and I came across your Elmira! I had been looking for it for ages! You are great :D

Lots of love,


Yankeediva said...

paul24 - THAT LEGATO, indeed! And Irene, I don't know that the earlier performances of Barbiere were recorded with Diana - I only know that they weren't done in High Def, sadly - I know she was stupendous!!


[Lilith] said...

Ok, thanks a lot! ^^ I had to ask, at least. I hope they record her Lucia instead of Ana Netrebko's, because they never record Diana, for some weird reason.

I'm trying to figure out if your 'Ariadne auf Naxos' in Madrid was recorded, because they do record them in the Liceu. If only I could get it!

By the way, I was thinking a bit about which opera could you, my three favourite divas, sing together, and I came out with 'Le Nozze'. You would be Cherubino (far more outstanding than the second lady), and then Natalie should have to be Susanna, because there's no way she's singing the Countess lol

Diana can sing the Countess, anyway, although she normally sings Susanna. What do you think? LOL