Friday, April 11, 2008

Gratitude - Day 98

I'm grateful for the wonder that is the Midwest. Many people ask me what it is about the Midwest that I like - and this is the most concrete example of what I find so spectacular about it: skies that expand forever, constantly shifting and morphing just to keep you guessing. My favorite time of year is the spring in Kansas City, (except when it's fall, and then that's my favorite time of year!) because of these awe-inducing thunderstorms that roll in and mark their territory. They are such a sight to behold.

Today I was especially grateful for them, because the celestial show gave me a MUCH needed break from cadenza-land of Handel. (I keep changing the cadenzas I want, which means reworking many of the passages and never ever being finished with how I want the arias to go - I am living in a constant state of flux with these pieces!!!!) So, the sideshow was most welcome - especially when I reverted to my youth and tried to pick out images in the clouds. Look what I found:

Creepy, no? But I'm still grateful!


Chicago Usher said...

Creepy and awe-inspiring!!! Being a newby to the Midwest I'm entranced!

A technical question looms: What lens did you use? I've my new Rebel & will soon be closer to a park - vistas across Lake Michigan instead of a highway!

Thank you for seeing beauty everywhere!

Susan said...

YIKES!!! I expect to see flames shooting out behind! Seriously creepy.

The top picture conjures up for me a celestial chorus singing a multi-harmony "ahhhhh." I think it's the rays of light streaming out.

Have you ever seen and photographed a tornado?

Olga said...

william turner would have been jealous for not witnessing this

heldensoubrette said...

i find it so sacred. it's like communing with that force of nature where we all came from. thanks for the post because i really appreciate it.

Lydia said...

I love your photos! Being from the Midwest (Indiana) and a young singer, I know the importance of home. No matter where I end up living, the Midwest will always be home. Thanks for being an inpsiration to Midwestern singers!

Larissa said...

that last one shows old man winter blowing out his last burst of air to create the spring storms you love so dearly

what lovely pictures

Joel Grant said...

Clouds like that and winter scenes are best viewed, for my taste, as photos. We left the midwest (Chicago born and bred) for the west coast many years ago to escape the sharp winters.

But I do miss the Chicago Lyric Opera. Seattle Opera is OK (and we are looking forward to the Ring Cycle next year) but not in LO's league.

Nice pics, though. Nice to see the Royals are back to their losing ways. ;^)

Geert said...

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Carol said...

I love the Midwest too! Way to represent an often-forgotten part of this beautiful country!