Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gratitude - Day 96

I'm grateful to be home where I can wash and dry my clothes in my very own washer and dry them in my very own dryer, where I know very well what cycle to employ, what temperature to call upon, how long to dry which clothes, and exactly how my clothes will turn out - clean, fluffy and back in shape.

I'm NOT so grateful to have to constantly guess with crossed fingers with guest machines, especially those in Europe that always seem to spit out clothes much smaller than what I threw in, or those of the bulk variety found in cities such as NY which seem to take for sport the molesting of certain fabrics. Ah yes, even as I pack to go home, I relish sorting the whites from the darks in eager anticipation for the sheets of Bounce that await the well worn clothes at home (provided I remembered to stock up last time I was home!), and for the easy purr of socks getting their shape back, white and fluffy.

Home. Definitely grateful.


Susan said...

I looked at this picture a bit before reading your entry, trying to figure out what it was. I decided it was part of a stove!

We once stayed in a cottage in England that had a washer/dryer combo machine. It did everything in the same unit. It held about 2 t-shirts and a pair of socks and took about 3 hours. (not counting the 45 minutes I spent reading the manual...)

There's nothing quite like coming home to appliances with whose quirks you are familiar! :)

paul24 said...

There`s no place like home...I always remeber the final song of Joan Sutherland`s farewell in ROH in London (only from DVD but really moving). She was criticized for tthe lack of the drama, poor Italian pronunciation. True or not...but the voice WAS there.
Have a rest, Joyce, you have definitely deserve it. Even double; for your gorgeous art and for being such a human you are.
I hope to see you in Vienna in April 2009 (he he). Far away but certainly worth of waiting :-) Cheers!

Gi said...

LOL I thought it was only my family's clothes that came out smaller, but it may be an European washing machine's feature?!
Never crossed my mind before :-)

Yankeediva said...

April 2009 - It will be here before any of us knows it!

paul24 said...

I will be waitng. And as I can see I should give you an EUROPEAN washing mashine as a souvenir after the performance :-):-) I can`t sit here and watch American people complaining on European products :-) But after a while of consideration...please become a regular Staatsoper star and I will buy an American washing maschine and place it in Vienna for your own convenience :-)