Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gratitude - Day 95

I'm grateful for all the people who came before me that believed in the necessity of art and worked to realize it in a grand way. I think of the organizers all those decades ago who had the vision of building a center for all the arts, of the people who recognized the value of the project and put up the money, the architects who dared to think outside the box, the politicians who negotiated their way to the votes, the laborers who drove the nails one by one and the artists, technicians and organizers who work night after night come to bring life to the art and the magic. Not to be forgotten: the people who come. Thank you!


Susan said...

I love that corner view! My first trip there (as an adult) was Dec 07 and I had such a wonderful time. Seeing this picture brings back all that excitement for me! Thank you!!!

Yankeediva said...

You're WELCOME! My first memory was in 1991 or so, visiting with my college roommate, and I have a horrid picture of me standing on one of the benches on the plaza - big bangs, permed hair - it's quite miraculous to me to stand there in the very same place with such a different perspective now! But it really never ceases to take one's breath away, does it?