Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gratitude - Day 110

Gratitude - Day 110
I'm grateful for patience. While perhaps feeling a *tiny* bit demoralized for not celebrating the finish of my recording in Brussels, that oversight was quickly compensated for at "TOQUÉ!" in Montreal. I had two of my very favorite people with whom to share an incredible gourmet tasting meal of seven heart-stopping courses, one mouth-watering bite after the next, four hours of delightful, often deep conversation, three big celebratory toasts, and countless full-throttle laughs. If you're patient, it all comes around! (PS - if ever in Montreal, save up and splurge on an incredible meal there!!)


Olga said...

A bottle of ethyl looks as axis mundi in the photo! ahahahah .. charming! :DD
I'm glad that you got to celebrate the finish of your recording with the people you love, after all!

MG said...

I'm a new reader to your blog and can I just say how much I adore both your writing and your WONDERFUL photographs?

Thank you!