Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gratitude - Day 113

Gratitude - Day 113
(So, I think this catches me up on my postings...)

I'm grateful for falling in love.

It doesn't always happen to me. Sometimes I want it to happen, but the chemistry just isn't there. Sometimes I am sure it won't happen, and it sneaks up on me out of nowhere. Sometimes I know it will happen, but when it actually does remains unknown.

Today it snuck up on me, and I fell in love with my newest role. I knew I would fall for this Capulet sooner or later - it's Bellini, it's Italian, it's ROMEO - what's not to love? But I know I can't ever force the issue with new roles, or music in general - it will only ever happen when it happens, not a moment sooner.

Today I sang through the final scene for the very first time with the conductor. I'm hooked. I'm done. There is no turning back. I'm a goner. He has my complete and total devotion, this one. I mean are you KIDDING me with this music? Are you kidding me that I get to SING this? Yes - I'm completely done for!


Gi said...

So glad to see you back online! Jet-lagged and all - otherwise how come the texts for day 111 and 112 are the same?
Ah - of course, you were just testing us to see if we'd notice ;-)

Yankeediva said...

Gi! indeed, it's good to be back - but I can promise my postings will most likely be a bit spotty up until the opening of this show. I have much work to do!

Thanks for the good eye - 'tis duly amended now!

CHEERS! (and please say hi to Lisbon for me!)

Mei said...

Good luck in your role debut...

Nao said...

Nice to see more of your blogs.
I am dying to hear your Romeo!!
There are not so much good recordings or DVDs available for this opera....I am sure you will be the great Romeo.
Best wishes!

Samantha said...

Ah! Bel canto! In my opinion, the most beautiful era of all music! Once it's gotten the slightest tug of your heartstrings, it's over. :)

P.S. I feel for you on your laptop saga! Must have been awful! But YAY you got it back!

Closed Heart said...

Your pics are so perty.
Hope you are well miss thang.
Lauren C. :)

Susan said...

Glad to see you back! How wonderful to fall in love with a role. Have you ever sung a role that you just didn't like?

Gi said...

Are you ok? I'm just a little worried because you haven't been "seen" online for a week!
Take care.

Yankeediva said...

Gi - you are very sweet to ask, and yes all is well, but WAS ill last weekend, as well as a super intensive week of rehearsals - so all my energy has gone to getting better (done!) and getting this amazing role up on its feet (nearly done, and hopefully I'll do it justice!) I'll be back soon, as I finally get some time off and can pull my camera back out of its bag - I've missed it!

Back as soon as I can!

biancano said...

Ciao Joyce, sono Marco un tuo ammiratore italiano, non so se ricordi, ci siamo visti a Ginevra
In bocca al lupo per i capuleti, ci sarò alla recita del 28 e forse anche a quella del 31

Gi said...

Ah, Biancano, son gelosa!