Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gratitude - Day 114

Gli Angeli
Picking back up where I left off - I'm grateful for a charming place to experience a wonderful meal. David Zobel, the brilliant pianist and dear friend introduced me to this place last year, and it has since become a favorite "evening out" place in Paris. Nothing fancy, but just great food. Of course, it's Paris - so I could take a photo of most any place and call it great, but what's nice about spending time in a city is finding the places you like to return to, which go far in making it feel a bit more like home.


Carlos said...

Great! I keep the place and address for my visit to Paris this weekend ;)

Susan said...

Ahhh another photo that I just want to jump into!

[Lilith] said...

Joyce!!! Guess who's exhilarated?

I met Diana in Madrid yesterday (she gave an amazing Lieder recital with three encores!) and she signed that picture of that Ariadne for me, so now I'm the happiest person on Earth! :D

I showed her the tattoo and I think she got the impression I am a bit crazy, but then she found out I'm the one uploading all that videos of her to youtube and she didn't really mind lol

Hope to see you together someday!



Gi said...

A couple of years ago I found this little restaurant in the Rive Gauche which I loved; you may want to check it out:
Le Jardin d'Artémis

Have fun!