Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gratitude - Day 140

I'm grateful for faces that light up everyone around them! After our opening last night of Idomeneo we celebrated in a nearby restaurant, Gastroteca. If my dish of risotto with virgin olive oil and carpaccio di pulpo was any indicator, they've found the recipe for perfection. I'm pretty sure it's all this man's fault! I walked in the door, and was just immediately lifted up with his smiling face (and his not-dissimilar resemblance to the great Pavarotti!) He was as "simpatico" as he looks, cooked us this wonderful meal, and left me with a face I'll never forget! (I hear he sings, too!)


Kenderina said...

I think only an opera singer can be a foodie like you and keep herself fit at the same time !!!
I get fat just reading the recipes !!! ;)

The chef looks as if he couldn't make any wrong dish...too sweet a smile :)

Besos !! And congratulations for your Idamante success :)

Anonymous said...

What?!!! A Success??? Idamante - success?

Same ole, same ole ;-)

J/K... I **f course** KNEW it was gonna be success! Would LOVE to be able to go to Madrid and see the show but hey - can't complain much - I'm off to New York which I LOVE ;)

BTW, Joyce, once you're on vacations, how long do you give your throat a rest? Errrr, what's the longest period you stay w/o singing at all? Just curious ;)

All the best &
Cheers everyone!

Yankeediva said...

Anything more than 2 weeks off and it takes me a number of days to feel "back on form". 3-4 days off is a luxury, however, as usually, I don't get much time off!

However - come Aug 1, it's 10 days free. Am I on vacation, yet?????

Asido said...

I've just discover your blog. It's wonderful

Happy to know of your interest for photography (extraordinaries), Spain, his people, food, wines, the shoes...

I was lucky to listen to your Idamante of last July 18 and you were so kind dedicating a photo with my daughter (Mune) taken in Barcelona Cenerentola (but she wants another one with "pink ink" -?-).

Hope to see (and hear) you next december in Madrid. You are invited to drink Madrid wine and eat "cocido"