Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gratitude - Day 148

I'm grateful for ITALY! I'm grateful for being given the chance to have spent so much time here. I'm grateful for their influence on the world of their culture, food, wine, art, and fashion. I'm particularly grateful this time around....

...for their hats,

...their shoes,

...their artists,

...and their cherubs!


Susan said...

Those hats! I want one! HAHA.

I love all your pictures but I especially love the ones of children. You capture their innocence, their pure joy of living before they've experienced the inevitable disappointments we all eventually have to go through. One of my friends just lost her 2 year old son in a tragic accident and somehow that makes your pictures of children even more magical.

Dolcevita said...

LOVE the pics! esp the one with "the shoe". It tells the chapters :)

Thx a bunch!

Suzanne said...

I completely agree about the shoes....but you left one very important thing out. Their men!!