Friday, February 1, 2008

Gratitude - Day 59

I missed the name of this sculpture and artist (bad art viewer, I know), BUT it really captured me: for the angle of the head, the slightly guarded placement of the hands, the feeling of hope that emanated from it's upturned face. Then afterwards we braved the slushy curbs and the blowing snow and ate at "Oprah's Favorite Thin Crust Pizza Place", Pizano's, and ate SUCH good pizza (the crust, I'm pretty certain, was a cornmeal crust....delicious!) And what was on the 7 large flat-screen tv's hovering above the diners? NBA? NHL? American Idol?

Nope: the Democratic Debate. Now, I'll try not to be too political here, but I will say the hope that welled up in me watching the Democratic nominees felt really good, and I was immediately reminded of this sculpture: hopeful, looking forward, but still guarded and cautious. I'm grateful that our country has a debate like this showing in a local pizza joint - and that people were actually tuning in, because maybe, just MAYBE, we might send an overwhelming number of informed voters to the booths this election year - and then, obviously, we might just have a hope...

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Maury D'annato said...

Has anyone steered you toward Giordano's for Chicago stuffed pizza yet? So very good. Actually don't get me started on Chicago food recs.