Friday, February 29, 2008

Gratitude - Day 77

So, I've missed a couple of days, but I'm catching up slowly here .... But man, am I grateful for good - actually, make that GREAT olive oil! How in the world did I go for so many years in my life without knowing its abundant goodness?!?! In a wonderful turn of events (which includes being photographed by the LEGENDARY Victor Skrebneski - WHAT?), we ended up with his recommendation to eat at La Scarola. Considering that Leo's face melted away to nearly 20 years ago and memories of his Grandma's homemade "Parmigiana" ("Eggplant Parm" for us American's), the stamp of 'authenticity' was granted, and we ate ourselves silly as if in the old country!! This is such a classic Italian 'joint', replete with the Frank Sinatra and Billy Joel photos (as well a number of Skrebneski's autographed photos, naturally), but it is alive and well on its own merits - not just folklore. It's a GEM. (And the Veal Mondelli also is highly recommended!)


[Lilith] said...

*Sigh* Now I've seen this video on youtube I feel kind of depressed for being in Barcelona...

Joyce, you are the greatest mezzo Rosina! (Diana Damrau is my favourite in the soprano version. I managed to get your duet with her from the Richard Tucker Gala... Magical perfection, I'd say.)

I wish I could be there! Wish you luck for the rest of performances ;)

PS: You have definetely recovered your voice lol

Yankeediva said...

Ah, thank you so much, Lilith! But if you get too down about being THERE and not HERE, just check out our temperatures!!!!

[Lilith] said...

Hmmm... Opera houses are always a warm place. Specially if there's some 'cramazing' mezzosoprano on stage! I think I'd put up with the cold if I could see your Rosina ;)

I'm also planning to go to Madrid on July. I've never seen Idomeneo,and I'm quite sure this one will be great!

Take care =)

Operafan said...

Lilith, rush to Madrid, I was lucky to see this Luc Bondy production at the Paris Opera in 2006, elegant and pure staging, "over the top" cast with Joyce's "explosive" Idamante!! Un très grand souvenir... I am currently counting the weeks before "I Capuleti e i Montecchi" at the Bastille, which I am sure is going to be THE production of the Paris season. Vive l'opéra, Vive Yankeediva!! Cheers

[Lilith] said...

No doubts I'll fight my way to Madrid if it comes to it! lol

I'd have loved to go to that Bellini too... Hope it will be done in Barcelona someday.

Kisses ^^