Friday, February 15, 2008

Gratitude - Day 69


I am SO grateful that the sun came out today - here in Chicago it has been weeks of grey clouds, slushy steps, and bitter winds - and even if it was still cold today, the SUN made all the difference! Finally I can start trying to capture the infamous Chicago Architecture abundant throughout the city!


Rachel said...

Wow. Great picture. Which building is that, do you know?

I hope this sun sticks around. It's a whole world of difference.

South Africa Pam said...


Thinking of you in cold Chicago. Mel and I just got back from Hawaii, so we will have to get our warmer clothes for our trip to Chicago to see you in the opera next month!
Tuti-tuti (is that what they say?) on opening night tonight!! Will be thinking of you!

Pablo said...

So today is the grat day!
"Break a leg", but I´m sure you don´t need help to be great tonight.
It´s a pitty Juan Diego can´t be there. Be careful with fishes!


londonoprera said...

am looking forward to tonight, ever since I have been in Chicago (ie. Friday) it has been sunny and not to cold, have great pictures of random buildings as well..

South Africa Pam said...

I mean "toi-toi" for your opening tonight!!