Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gratitude - Day 60

I'm just loving being in this city for many reasons: catching up with old friends, great work environment and really fabulous food. God help my waistline for the next few weeks, but I'm enjoying every minute of it!



Welcome to the Windy City, Ms. DiDonato!

I hope the cold hasn't affected your body and spirits all that much.

I shall see you in "Barber".


Jon Conrad said...

Chicago's where I grew up!

Would you be willing to name some of the places for that great food? (Back in the 60s, my family was among the original patrons of Pizzeria Due.)

Is the Italian Village still the only place open in the Loop after the opera's over?

Thanks so much for the wonderful entries (and photos) every day!

chicagolady said...

you were absolutely delightful at Lyric last night- am so looking forward to your Rosina!
best wishes-

Julio said...

Welcome to our beautiful city. It may be buried under tons and tons of snow at the moment, but our enthusiasim for having you here is shining through. (If youre ever in the mood for Mexican food, my restaurant's doors are open to you here in the Loop!) I cant wait to see you and Nathan in a couple of weeks. Best wishes of success during your stay here. (And stay warm!)

Julio Perez