Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gratitude - Day 75

I'm grateful for vibrant, brilliant color.

This is taken from the Modern Ice Museum display at the Millenium Park, which has been showing the entire month of February. It's living art, as each day the formations change (both by design and by nature), existing in a constant state of flux. It was mesmerizing to see up close.

Another favorite:


And another:

Ice, Ice Baby


nick said...

AMAZING pictures! What color! I especially love the first one, where it almost looks like the ice is rusting! Really beautiful...

armerjaquino said...

I'm terribly embarrassed to be doing this, since I've never written a fan letter with pen and ink, never mind on a blog- but I only recently discovered this blog (via a link from My Favorite Intermissions) and it led me to go to Amazon and pick up the Naxos Cenerentola. I'm listening to it now and it's just quite, quite wonderful. Beautifully sung, neatly characterised- everything one could want. The howls of approval at the end must have been very gratifying and are beyond richly deserved.

I'll stop effusing now- but, you know, thanks and stuff.

Yankeediva said...

Thank you for effusing, Armerjaquino - I'm honored to be your 'first'!!!