Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gratitude - Day 73

Even though our apartment didn't have a view of the stunning lunar eclipse tonight, it was an exceptionally clear evening to try and take a great shot of part of the Chicago skyline. Unfortunately, I could only last on the balcony for a few seconds, due to that WICKED wind and freezing temperature, so there was a fair amount of 'camera shake', but it was still such a beautiful evening that I couldn't resist.

I'm grateful for a breathtaking view!

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[Lilith] said...

If I didn't love the photos you take as much as your singing I'd advise you not to do that kind of things! Anyway, whatever you do, take care and don't get sick again, please. The world needs your voice ;)

Kisses from a quite warm Barcelona.

PS: That was just to make you jealous because I want you back soon =)