Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gratitude - Day 67

I'm grateful to be a part of a show that is a genuine pleasure to perform in every way ... from the fabulous cast to the gorgeous (!!!!!) costumes, to the thrill of hearing the audience genuinely LAUGH at the antics we go through. It makes coming to 'work' a pure joy!

You'd never know that there was such a handsome man underneath this makeup (although his smile does give it away a bit!), but Wayne Tigges performs Basilio, and he is such a wonderful, beautiful colleague - as is every singer in this show - perhaps more portraits will come over the course of the run!! We open on Saturday night, so I say 'let the games begin'!


Operafan said...

Joyeux Anniversaire !! Great pic, you should publish a book about the backstage life of an opera diva! Great podcast interview of yours on Lyric opera's website, thanks for sharing so much with us, it is so inspiring!!

Luindriel said...

Great picture! I'm coming to Chicago from NJ to see the performance on March 19. I can't wait! I almost want to STOP reading your blog so I don't get any sneak peaks... but I won't!

Susan said...

Joyce, I'm resending this through my blog account ... please ignore the duplicate comment!

That's a wonderful picture! I'm coming to Chicago from NJ to see the performance on March 19. I can't wait! I met John O last week in NJ and he said he'd put me on the list at the stage door, so I hope I get a chance to see you backstage after the show to say hello.

I'm tempted to stop reading your blog so I don't get any "spoilers" about the performance, but I enjoy reading it too much to do that!

You always look and sound like you're having so much fun!!


ACB said...

That's WAYNE?!?! Amazing! Please give him my best.

"IBAL" for this weekend! :)

Kristin said...

This is priceless. Although don't call Wayne "beautiful." It might go to his little, midwestern head too much.

However, now I am wondering, did you perhaps take a really fabulous side portrait of him in his Basilio makeup that he emailed around? If so, it was a GREAT shot.

Yankeediva said...

I DID grab him in profile - but it's just a testament to how cool Wayne is that his beauty can still shine through that uni-brow and blacked-out teeth! He's positively glowing!! ;-))